Political Headlines July 11, 2013: Sarah Palin Feuds with Alaska Senator Mark Begich on Facebook





Sarah Palin Feuds with Alaska Senator on Facebook

Source: ABC News Radio, 7-11-13

Scott Olson/Getty Images

A war of words has erupted between former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin and the senator she might take on next year: Democrat Mark Begich.

The conflict started Tuesday when Palin told Fox News’ Sean Hannity that she has “considered” a U.S. Senate bid because, “Senator Mark Begich has got to be replaced. He has not done what he had promised to do for the people of Alaska, which is to represent what it is the nation needs in terms of energy development, because he’s on the wrong side of the aisle.”….READ MORE

Political Musings July 10, 2013: Sarah Palin considering 2014 Senate bid





Sarah Palin considering 2014 Senate bid

By Bonnie K. Goodman

On Wednesday, July 10, former Alaska governor and 2008 Republican vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin announced to Fox News Channel’s Sean Hannity on his radio show that she is considering running for an Alaska Senate seat in the… READ MORE

Campaign Buzz June 25, 2013: Democrat Edward Markey wins John Kerry’s US Senate seat in Massachusetts special election




Democrat Markey wins Kerry’s US Senate seat in Massachusetts special election

Source: Fox News, 6-25-13‎

Long-term Democratic U.S. Rep. Edward Markey beat out Republican newcomer Gabriel Gomez Tuesday in Massachusetts’ special election for John Kerry’s U.S. Senate seat. Markey’s win helps keep a Democratic majority in the U.S. Senate….READ MORE

Campaign Headlines June 12, 2013: President Barack Obama Campaigns for Ed Markey in Massachusetts Senate Run




Obama Stumps for Ed Markey in Massachusetts Senate Run

Source: ABC News Radio, 6-12-13

The Guardian via Getty Images

Seven months after winning re-election, President Obama is back on the campaign trail. This time, he’s lending his political prowess to stump for Senate hopeful Rep. Ed Markey….READ MORE

Full Text Obama Presidency June 12, 2013: President Barack Obama’s Speech at Ed Markey for Senate Rally, Boston, Massachusetts



Remarks by the President at Markey for Senate Rally — Boston, MA

Source: WH, 6-12-13

Reggie Lewis Track and Athletic Center
Roxbury Crossing, Massachusetts

1:27 P.M. EDT

THE PRESIDENT:  Hello, Boston!  (Applause.)  It is great to be back in Boston.  (Applause.)  Good to be back in Massachusetts.  (Applause.)  And, most of all, it is great to be here with the next senator from Massachusetts — Ed Markey.  (Applause.)

First of all, I want to thank Ed for that great introduction.  (Applause.)  Because I am here with my great friends from Boston, because I’m here to campaign on behalf of somebody who will be an outstanding member of the United States Senate, I am not going to talk trash about the hockey game.  (Laughter.)  I’m not going to say anything about the outstanding qualities of the Chicago Blackhawks.  (Laughter.)

AUDIENCE:  Boooo –

THE PRESIDENT:  I’m not going to say anything.  I’m not going to do it.  (Laughter.)  Because I don’t want to make you all feel bad.  (Laughter.)  I want you to feel good.

Part of the reason you should feel good is not only do you have an outstanding congressional delegation, you also have a great Governor — my good friend, Deval Patrick.  (Applause.)   You’ve got one of the finest mayors in the United States of America — we love Tom Menino.  (Applause.)  I was just backstage talking to Tom, and he doesn’t just inspire Boston and make it a better place, he inspires the country.  And we’re grateful for his lifetime of service.

The last time I saw Tom, the last time I saw a lot of you was for the memorial service honoring the victims of the Marathon bombing.  So this morning, before I came here, I wanted to spend some time with some Bostonians, so we stopped by Charlie’s Sandwich Shop — (applause) — and I got a burger and fries.  And we were saying hi to everybody and hugging folks, and Ed was with me.  And one of the people I met in the shop just by happenstance was a young man whose family had been injured by the bombing.  And he was with a nurse who had been at Mass General the day those folks got brought in.  And she was on her day off.  But I gave her a big hug and I reminded her of how much what she did had meant to so many people all throughout the city and she was an example of the spirit of Boston during a very difficult time.
And I asked people, how is the city doing?  And they said, you know, we’re bouncing back.  Boylston Street may be open again.  Life may be back to normal in a lot of ways.  But we know there’s still too many middle-class families that aren’t seeing their hard work rewarded, too many young people who are looking for work and can’t find it, too many Americans who feel like the rungs on the ladder of opportunity have grown farther and farther apart.  And that’s why Ed and I are focused on building the true engine of long-term economic growth — and that is a rising, thriving middle class.  (Applause.)

And every day I wake up, I ask three questions:  How do I make America a magnet for good jobs?  How do we make sure our workers earn the skills and education they need for those jobs?  How do we make sure those jobs are paying a decent living?  And the answer to that is, government can’t do it by itself.  Obviously, the private sector is the driver of our economy.  It’s the engine of our growth.

But when people say the whole problem is government, they don’t understand government can help by establishing smart priorities, by making smart choices, by investing in American manufacturing so we’re bringing more of our jobs back from overseas — (applause) — investing in our roads and our bridges and our ports to make sure that we are staying competitive all around the world; educating our children from the earliest years, keeping them safe from gun violence; rethinking our high schools, making college more affordable — (applause) — making sure we stay at the cutting edge in science and technology; securing our energy future; addressing climate change.  There are some things that government can do that will help middle-class families, and that’s what Ed Markey is committed to doing.  (Applause.)

We can do all this.  We have all the plans.  We have all the policies.  We have solutions to our challenges.  We have all the ingredients for success.  This is not only the greatest nation on Earth in the past, this is going to be the greatest nation on Earth for the foreseeable future.  There’s no country on Earth that would not gladly trade places with the United States.  But what’s holding us back right now is inaction in Washington, gridlock in Washington — too many folks in Washington who are putting the next election ahead of the next generation.  (Applause.)

Now, Boston, I want you to know I’ve run my last campaign.  Michelle is very happy about that.  (Laughter.)  So my only concern is making sure that we advance the interests of the broadest number of Americans and we leave our children a stronger, safer, more prosperous country than the one we inherited.  That’s all I care about.  (Applause.)  And that means I’m willing to work with anybody — I’ll work with Republicans, Democrats, independents — anybody who wants to make progress. I’m ready to get going.  I want to work with them.  (Applause.)

So, for example, right now on immigration, we’ve got a good bipartisan bill moving through the Senate that strengthens our borders and reforms the system so that everybody is playing by the same rules — reform that will allow us to continue to attract talent from all around the world, the best and the brightest.  And whenever Republicans are ready to work with me, I’m ready to work with them.  (Applause.)  I want to govern not just politic.  (Applause.)

And I notice on gun violence, there are a lot of Republicans out there who recognize that we need some common-sense gun safety measures.  Some Republicans may be rethinking the stances that they took in the past.  That’s the good news.  We want to encourage that.  But the fact of the matter is that a whole bunch of Republicans out there are not interested in getting things done.  They think compromise is a dirty word.  They think the problem we’ve got is just working people who join unions — that that’s what holding us back.  They think environmental regulations are what’s holding us back.  They think that we’re spending, I guess, too much money on science and research and technology.

And because of those attitudes, we’ve got to have some Democrats like Ed Markey, who will stand up and do the right thing.  That’s what we need.  (Applause.)

Ed mentioned that the idea of being a Democrat — look, I don’t believe that any single party has a monopoly on wisdom.  My favorite President is a guy from Illinois who founded the Republican Party, effectively — Abraham Lincoln, our first Republican President.  (Applause.)  But what does make me a Democrat is the basic idea that in this country, no matter what you look like, no matter where you come from, no matter who you love, you should be able to get ahead if you’re willing to work hard and act responsibly.  (Applause.)

You should be able to buy a home and send your kids to college, and save a little bit for retirement, make sure your kids get a good education, not go bankrupt when you get sick.  Most Americans aren’t asking for a lot.  They know they’ve got to take care of themselves.  They just want to make sure that if they’re working hard, they can get ahead.  That’s the essence of what it means to be a Democrat.

And that’s why we’ve got to have folks like Ed Markey, who are going to help keep weapons of war off the streets and out of our schools; make it harder for criminals to get a gun in their hands.

That’s why we’ve got to have a Democrat who is going to make sure that we implement the Affordable Care Act — because in a nation this wealthy, nobody should have to go without affordable, accessible health care.  They don’t have to do it in Massachusetts.  They shouldn’t have to do it anywhere else.  (Applause.)  It’s the right thing to do, and we need Ed Markey to make sure that it gets implemented.  (Applause.)

We’re fighting to make sure that when it comes to women’s health, no employer or insurance company or politician gets to decide your health care.  Women should make decisions about their health care, not some politician in Washington.  (Applause.)

We need somebody who is going to be supportive of the Consumer Financial Protection Board that Elizabeth Warren and I started talking about even before I was elected President and that we’ve now implemented to make sure you’re not getting cheated by unscrupulous financial practices.  We need somebody who is going to support that robustly.  That’s what Ed is going to do.

We don’t need politicians who are going to roll back these rights.  We need somebody like Ed Markey who is going to fight to secure them, no matter how many times the Republicans in Washington want to refight the old battles.

Do you know that the House Republicans have held nearly 40 votes to repeal Obamacare?  They did another one just two weeks ago because they figured that they were a couple new representatives that hadn’t had a chance to vote against Obamacare.  That’s not a productive thing to do, people.

This law is going to mean big things for the economic security of middle-class families.  We should be spending time figuring out how to spread the word that if you don’t have health insurance, you can now get it.

We need a senator from Massachusetts who will help me, work with me, to deal with climate change in an honest, realistic way. (Applause.)  Ed has been fighting this battle for decades.  If we want our children and our grandchildren to live in the same beautiful planet, the same abundance and natural glory that we have enjoyed in our lives, we’ve got to double down on our investment in science and basic research.  We can’t just develop the energy sources of the past.  We’ve got to develop the energy sources of the future.

We’ve got the tools and the capabilities to make huge strides.  We’ve already doubled the production of clean energy.  We’ve already doubled fuel-efficiency standards on cars.  We’ve got to keep on going forward, not backwards.  And that’s what Ed Markey is going to help us do.  (Applause.)

We’ve ended a war in Iraq; we’re winding down the war in Afghanistan responsibly.  Now we’re going to have to take care of our veterans and keep Americans safe.  And I will keep working with the other side of the aisle on these issues.  But I want somebody like Ed Markey who every single day is going to be fighting on behalf of our veterans, going to be fighting on behalf of our first responders.

These budget battles we have in Washington, they have implications for whether or not we’re helping cities and states fund their firefighters, fund their police officers.  And everybody here in Boston knows how much those first responders mean to us when a crisis has hit.  (Applause.)  And we’ve got to make sure we’re there for them.  (Applause.)

So, look, here’s the bottom line.  We’ve gone through some tough times over these last few years and so many of you put your faith in me in 2008 and 2012 — (applause) — the folks here in Massachusetts were very kind to me back in 2004, when nobody could pronounce my name.  (Laughter.)

And every single day, I think about all of you.  I look out on the faces in this crowd — some of you I know, some of you have knocked on doors for me, some of you poured your heart and soul into our efforts.

But here’s the thing that I think all of us understand — the job of rebuilding America, the job of making sure our kids have a great education, the job of making sure everybody has health care, the job of making sure that financial institutions treat everybody fairly, the job of making sure our veterans have the care that they need, the job of making sure we have a bright energy future, the job of preserving our environment, the job of making sure we stay on the cutting-edge when it comes to innovation — that job is not mine alone.  I can’t do it by myself.  I’ve got to have folks with me who care as passionately about these things as I do.  (Applause.)  I’ve got to have folks in the United States Senate who are willing to stand up for working people just like I have.  I need folks in the United States Senate who, every day, are waking up thinking about the people who sent them there, and trying to figure out how do I make sure that they are getting a brighter future.

That’s who Ed Markey is.  I need Ed Markey in the United States Senate.  (Applause.)

So this election is going to come down to turnout.  We’ve got a whole lot of Democrats in this state and a whole lot of Obama voters, but you can’t just turnout during a presidential election.  You’ve got to turn out in this election.  You can’t think, oh, I did my work in 2012.  You’ve got some work to do right now in 2013.  (Applause.)  You can’t just pat your back and say, well, I knocked on some doors back in November.  I need you knocking on some doors right now in June.  (Applause.)

And if you work with the same focus and the same passion — if you are knocking on some doors and making some phone calls, if you’re talking to your friends and you’re talking to your neighbors — if you’re talking to cousin Jimmy who doesn’t always vote unless you give him a phone call — if you are making sure that people know Ed Markey’s remarkable record in Congress, then I guarantee you he will be the next United States senator from Massachusetts.  (Applause.)  He’ll join Elizabeth Warren.  He’ll carry on the legacy of Ted Kennedy and John Kerry.  He will be my partner, and we will continue the march forward on behalf of not just this generation, but future generations.

Thank you.  Let’s get to work.  God bless you.

1:51 P.M. EDT

Campaign Headlines June 8, 2013: Newark Mayor Cory Booker Formally Announces Senate Bid




Newark Mayor Cory Booker Formally Announces Senate Bid

Source: ABC News Radio, 6-8-13

Photo by Cindy Ord/Getty Images

Newark Mayor Cory Booker announced on Saturday that he will seek the Senate seat made vacant when Sen. Frank Lautenberg, D-N.J., died earlier this week.

“I’m here today to officially announce my candidacy to be New Jersey’s next United States senator,” Booker said in a news conference. “Democracy is not a spectator sport, but now as much as in any time, we must bring people together. We must actually get into the complicated difficult messy arena and take on the difficult challenges, work in uncommon ways with conviction and courage.”…READ MORE

Political Headlines April 11, 2013: Kentucky Democrat Says Progress Kentucky Recorded Mitch McConnell Campaign Strategy Session





Ky. Dem Says Progress Kentucky Recorded McConnell

Source: ABC News Radio, 4-11-13

T.J. Kirkpatrick/Getty Images

The secret recording of a Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell campaign strategy session was allegedly made by two members of Democratic super PAC Progress Kentucky, a longtime Democratic operative charged Thursday.

Jacob Conway, who is on the executive committee of the Jefferson County Democratic Party in Kentucky, told that Shawn Reilly and Curtis Morrison admitted to him that they made the tape on Feb. 2. Conway said one of the men held the elevator while the other stood by the door of McConnell’s office and recorded the conversation….READ MORE

Political Headlines April 9, 2013: Senate GOP Leader Mitch McConnell’s campaign alleges it was bugged, seeks FBI investigation





McConnell campaign alleges it was bugged, seeks FBI investigation

Source: NBCNews.com, 4-9-13

Senate GOP Leader Mitch McConnell’s re-election campaign has asked federal authorities to help it identify the source of a recording of private strategy sessions earlier this year….READ MORE

Election 2012 November 7, 2012: Democrats Maintain Senate Majority





Election 2012: Senate Democratic Majority Holds After Millions Spent

Democrats will maintain their majority in the U.S. Senate, ABC News projects, no small effort in an age of astronomically expensive campaigns and hyper-partisanship.

More than $1 billion is projected to have been spent in Senate races by candidates and outside groups, according to the Center for Responsive Politics. But unlike in the 2010 and 2008 elections, neither party dramatically altered the balance of power in the Senate after this election.

Democrats defended 23 of the 33 seats in the Upper Chamber that were on the ballot in this election….READ MORE

Election 2012 November 6, 2012: Claire McCaskill Wins Missouri Senate Race





Claire McCaskill Wins Missouri Senate Race

Source: ABC News Radio, 11-7-12

Chris Maddaloni/Roll Call/Getty Images | Tom Williams/CQ Roll Call

ABC News projects that Sen. Claire McCaskill has won her re-election race, as Republicans have seen another prime pickup opportunity slip away in 2012.

The Missouri senator scored her first victory of the race when Todd Akin won a three-way primary…. McCaskill won her second victory when Akin made his fateful “legitimate rape” comment in August — the biggest misstep by any candidate in 2012, one that reverberated throughout other Republican races and drew Akin condemnation from the highest levels of his party….READ MORE

Election 2012 November 6, 2012: Elizabeth Warren Wins Massachusetts Senate Race





Elizabeth Warren Wins Massachusetts Senate Race

Source: ABC News Radio, 11-6-12

Andrew Harrer/Bloomberg via Getty Images

Elizabeth Warren, the Democratic Senate candidate in Massachusetts, will win her race, picking off a Republican seat for the Democrats in the battle for control of the Senate.

Billed as one of the most important races in the fight to control the Democratic-led Senate, the contest pitted Warren against Sen. Scott Brown, the incumbent who shocked the political establishment in 2010 with his victory in a special election to fill the seat that the late Sen. Ted Kennedy held for 47 years.

Brown, 53, and Warren, 63, engaged in what was the year’s most expensive Senate race for spending by candidates only, according to the Center for Responsive Politics. The campaigns had spent more than $70 million collectively by mid-October….READ MORE

Campaign Buzz June 26, 2012: Senatorial & Congressional Primary Night Results: Senator Orrin Hatch, Rep. Charlie Rangel Survive Primary Challenges





Sen. Orrin Hatch, Rep. Charlie Rangel Survive Primary Challenges

Source: ABC News Radio, 6-26-12

Two Capitol Hill stalwarts — a conservative senator and a liberal congressman — easily won their respective primaries on Tuesday, fending off what were viewed as the toughest challenges of their careers.

In Utah, Republican Orrin Hatch, a U.S. senator for six terms, defeated the Tea Party-supported Dan Liljenquist by a two-to-one margin.

There were questions earlier this year about whether Hatch would win the GOP nomination, as the Tea Party seemed intent on replacing him with a candidate to the far right even though Hatch’s conservative credentials were impeccable.

However, Hatch’s base rallied for him and the senator’s war chest of $7 million was no match for Liljenquist, who had less than $1 million to spend.  Hatch is expected to cruise to re-election in November.

Meanwhile in New York City, Democratic Congressman Charlie Rangel had no problem beating state Sen. Adriano Espaillat even as his 15th District in Harlem was melded into the mostly Latino 13th District.

Rangel, seeking his 22nd term in the House, is normally considered a lock to win the Democratic primary but this redistricting, along with ethics issues, posed a threat to his long tenure….READ MORE

Hatch Overcomes Challenge in Republican Primary in Utah

Source: NYT, 6-26-12

The six-term Republican fended off a primary challenge from a Tea Party-backed insurgent candidate on Tuesday….READ MORE

Rangel Fends Off Challengers to Win a Congressional Primary

Source: NYT, 6-26-12

Representative Charles B. Rangel’s victory capped a gripping campaign and preserved a career that had been threatened by ethics troubles and changing demographics….READ MORE

Campaign Headlines May 29, 2012: Texas GOP / Repubublican Senate Seat Nomination Heads for Runoff Between Tea Party Fav Ted Cruz & Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst





  • Texas Race For Senate May Head For Runoff: Raphael “Ted” Cruz, a Houston lawyer and tea party favorite, appeared headed for a runoff against a better-known candidate in the Texas Republican Senate primary, the latest strong showing by an insurgent hopeful…. – WSJ, 5-30-12
  • In Texas, GOP Senate race heads to a runoff: Ted Cruz, a Tea Party-backed Republican lawyer, will go head-to-head with Texas Lieutenant Governor David Dewhurst in a runoff contest for the state’s Republican Senate nomination. Dewhurst, the long-standing favorite for the nomination…. – CBS News, 5-30-12
  • Texas Runoff Set in GOP Race for Senate: In a heated race for the open United States Senate seat in Texas, Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst failed to win enough votes in the Republican primary on Tuesday to avert a runoff with Ted Cruz, a Houston lawyer who cast the election as a battle…. – NYT, 5-30-12
  • Ted Cruz and the tea party vying for Texas Senate seat: Tea partyers riding high off of their successful efforts to further shake up the Republican establishment in Nebraska and Indiana have turned their eyes to Texas, where challenger Ted Cruz has a chance to at least force another vote in … LAT, 5-30-12
  • Tea party drools over Ted Cruz, but can he survive Texas primary?: Ted Cruz is running for the US Senate seat being vacated by Kay Bailey Huchinson, and in many ways he’s the ideal tea party candidate. But his best hope Tuesday is to force a runoff…. – CS Monitor, 5-30-12
  • Texas Voters Set Dewhurst-Cruz Republican Senate Runoff: Republican Ted Cruz, a newcomer backed by Tea Party activists, threatened to make Texas the latest state where insurgents have upset established political leaders in US congressional races. Cruz, 41, forced three-term Republican Lieutenant Governor…. Bloomberg, 5-30-12
  • Dewhurst encourages supporters before July runoff: Texas Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst is telling supporters that if they like the job he’s done in Austin as lieutenant governor, they would love the job he’d do as a senator in Washington. Dewhurst spoke to supporters Tuesday night in Houston…. – AP, 5-30-12
  • AP declares runoff for Dewhurst and Cruz: Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst and tea party backed former Texas Solicitor General Ted Cruz are heading to a runoff in the state’s Republican primary for US Senate. The race had been fierce, with brutal attacks from all sides…. – Houston Chronicle, 5-30-12
  • Senate Hopefuls Spar in Texas: Raphael “Ted” Cruz wants voters to see him as a warrior for conservative causes. In an hour’s conversation, he uses the word “fight” 24 times. Propping his black cowboy boots on an ottoman, he lays out how he would…. WSJ, 5-28-12
  • In Texas race, it’s Tea Party vs. establishment: Hoping to build on momentum from Richard Mourdock’s Tea Party-driven victory over Richard Lugar in the Indiana Senate primary earlier this month, the Tea Party is setting its sights on another possible win Tuesday, this time in Texas…. -CBS News, 5-29-12

Campaign Headlines May 29, 2012: Ted Cruz Tea Party Candidate Vies for Open Texas Senate Seat in Primary


By Bonnie K. Goodman

Ms. Goodman is the Editor of History Musings. She has a BA in History & Art History & a Masters in Library and Information Studies from McGill University, and has done graduate work in history at Concordia University. Ms. Goodman has also contributed the overviews, and chronologies in History of American Presidential Elections, 1789-2008, 4th edition, edited by Gil Troy, Fred L. Israel, and Arthur Meier Schlesinger published by Facts on File, Inc. in 2011.



Tea partier Ted Cruz vies for open Texas Senate seat: Following Republican primary victories in Utah, Indiana, and Nebraska, the tea party movement is hoping for more good news on Tuesday in Texas, where Ted Cruz is taking on the Republican establishment in his campaign for the US Senate…. – ABC News, 5-29-12

  • Cruz confident he’ll earn runoff spot in GOP Senate race: Republican Senate hopeful Ted Cruz said the momentum of Tuesday’s primary election was with him this Memorial Day. He started campaigning in Richardson Monday morning, calling voters on the telephone from aboard a Tea Party… KHOU, 5-29-12
  • Much-watched Texas US Senate race may need runoff: The polls have opened in Texas for the primary election that’s a step leading to a new US senator for the state. Republican US Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison is not seeking another term. Nine candidates are squaring … FOX 4 News, 5-29-12
  • Heated primary races await voters’ choice: Texas voters will at last troop to the polls Tuesday, after weeks of uncertainty and disputation over congressional and legislative redistricting, to cast ballots in the much-delayed primary elections. Voters will choose their nominees … Houston Chronicle, 5-27-12
  • Texas GOP Senate Primary: Big Spending, Big Fight for Conservative Crown: In Texas, the GOP primary to fill Kay Bailey Hutchison’s US Senate seat has become a costly and bitter fight that may not end today. Texas election code stipulates that candidates must receive at least 50 percent of the vote to win their party’s…. – ABC News, 5-29-12

Campaign Buzz May 8, 2012: Primary Night Results: Mitt Romney Wins 3 Primaries — GOP Sen. Richard Lugar Loses Indiana Primary to Tea Party Candidate Richard Mourdock — Wisconsin Democrats Choose Tom Barrett to Run Against Scott Walker for Governor in Recall Race — North Carolina Voters Pass Same-Sex Marriage Ban


By Bonnie K. Goodman

Ms. Goodman is the Editor of History Musings. She has a BA in History & Art History & a Masters in Library and Information Studies from McGill University, and has done graduate work in history at Concordia University. Ms. Goodman has also contributed the overviews, and chronologies in History of American Presidential Elections, 1789-2008, 4th edition, edited by Gil Troy, Fred L. Israel, and Arthur Meier Schlesinger published by Facts on File, Inc. in 2011.


Mayor Tom Barrett, a man and woman wedding cake topper and Sen. Dick Lugar are shown.  | AP Photos
Voters said yes to Wisconsin’s Tom Barrett, no to gay marriage and Sen. Dick Lugar. | AP Photo


Primary results: 5 takeaways: Conservatives claimed two major victories, and Scott Walker’s main event finally arrived Tuesday night after a tandem set of state-based elections that will have a ripple effect in the fall.
Votes in the Indiana Republican Senate primary, Wisconsin’s Democratic gubernatorial primary for the June recall election and North Carolina’s vote on an amendment to ban gay marriage and civil unions are now over, but they’re leaving an indelible mark on the shape of the 2012 contests…. – Politico, 5-8-12

3 Big Elections: Indiana, North Carolina, and Wisconsin: A titan of the Senate faces defeat, a gay-marriage ban looks set to pass, and Democrats nominate a candidate for the recall of Scott Walker. The presidential primaries are finally over, but across the country, the real political … The Atlantic, 5-8-12

  • Five things to watch in Tuesdays contests: The long presidential primary slog continues Tuesday, with three more states going to the polls: Indiana, North Carolina and West Virginia.
    Not all the action is presidential — there are competitive congressional and gubernatorial primaries, as well. Indiana features a closely watched Senate GOP primary where longtime Sen. Dick Lugar is in jeopardy of losing his seat.
    Wisconsin voters will also cast ballots: They’ll continue their ongoing recall civil war, with recall primaries for governor, lieutenant governor and four state Senate seats…. – Politico, 5-8-12
  • Primary Day: What to Watch: Congress, not the White House, is the major focus of primary elections today…. – Bloomberg, 5-8-12Lugar Loses Primary Challenge in Indiana: Richard G. Lugar, one of the Senate’s longest-serving members, lost a hard-fought Republican primary to Richard E. Mourdock, the Indiana state treasurer…. – NYT, 5-8-12
  • Veteran Republican Senator Lugar soundly defeated: Senator Richard Lugar, a 35-year Senate veteran and leading foreign policy voice, was soundly defeated in the Indiana Republican primary by a Tea Party-backed rival on Tuesday…. – Reuters, 5-8-12
  • Longtime GOP Sen. Richard Lugar loses Indiana primary to challenger Richard Mourdock: Sen. Richard Lugar, R-Ind., lost a primary battle Tuesday to tea party challenger and Indiana state treasurer Richard Mourdock … Fox News, 5-8-12
  • Mourdock Wins Ind. GOP Race for Senate: Tea party-backed state Treasurer Richard Mourdock won Indiana’s Republican nomination for Senate, defeating longtime Senator Richard Lugar. Mourdock will face Democratic US Rep. Joe Donnelly in November…. – WaPo, 5-8-12
  • Indiana’s Lugar loses primary challenge, Romney wins trio, NC bans gay marriage: Six-term Indiana Sen. Richard Lugar was routed by the right flank of his own Republican Party on Tuesday, and North Carolina voters decided overwhelmingly to strengthen their state’s gay marriage ban. It was a double-barreled show…. – WaPo, 5-8-12
  • Lugar Loses Indiana GOP Primary to Tea Party Foe: US Sen. Richard Lugar was ousted Tuesday by a tea party-backed challenger in Indiana’s Republican primary, abruptly ending his nearly four-decade career as one of Indiana’s best-known and popular politicians…. – WaPO, 5-8-12
  • Lugar loss will mean new approach for Indiana in Congress: In addition to Lugar’s Tea Party-backed opponent Richard Mourdock, three other Indiana races will see new faces…. – CS Monitor, 5-8-12
  • Lugar’s parting words: Part defense, part warning: As soon as 36-year Senate veteran Richard Lugar finished his concession speech Tuesday, he walked off the stage, out the back door and into his car. But he left behind something … CNN, 5-9-12
  • Mourdock ends Lugar era: Republican voters handed Sen. Richard Lugar his retirement Tuesday, rejecting his bid for a seventh term and instead nominating State Treasurer Richard Mourdock. It might have been considered one of the biggest upsets in Indiana…. – Journal and Courier, 5-8-12
  • Mourdock supporters say their candidate can change direction of party, nation: Many of the hundreds who attended the victory party for GOP US Senate candidate Richard Mourdock Tuesday night said they were there because they wanted change in the direction of the party and nation…. – Evansville Courier & Press, 5-8-12
  • US to lose respected foreign policy voice in Lugar: Senator Richard Lugar, defeated in the Indiana Republican primary on Tuesday, was a quiet and respected voice on foreign policy during more than three decades of service that focused on stemming the worldwide spread of nuclear … Reuters, 5-9-12Wisconsin Democrats Choose Challenger to Run Against Governor in Recall Race: Democrats in Wisconsin have a month to persuade voters to unseat the governor, Scott Walker, in a recall election with Tom Barrett as Mr. Walker’s opponent…. – NYT, 5-8-12
  • Milwaukee mayor to face Walker in Wis. Recall: Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett won the Democratic primary Tuesday in Wisconsin’s historic recall election, leaving him with a short four weeks to make the closing argument that Republican Gov. Scott Walker should be booted from office after 16…. – AP, 5-8-12
  • Tom Barrett wins Wisconsin recall primary: Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett won the Democratic primary in Wisconsin’s gubernatorial recall election Tuesday, dealing a blow to organized labor and setting up the June 5 race against Republican Gov. Scott Walker. Barrett defeated former Dane County…. – Politico, 5-8-12
  • Wisconsin Democrats Choose Challenger to Run Against Governor in Recall Race: Wisconsin Democrats will get a do-over election between Gov. Scott Walker and Tom Barrett when the two face off in a rare recall vote next month. Mr. Barrett, the mayor of Milwaukee, got the nod from his party after a statewide primary on…. – NYT, 5-8-12
  • Milwaukee mayor wins Democratic primary to face Wis. Gov. Scott Walker in recall election: Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett won the Democratic primary Tuesday in Wisconsin’s historic recall election, leaving him with a short four weeks to make the closing argument that Republican Gov. Scott Walker should be booted from office … WaPo, 5-8-12
  • Milwaukee mayor wins Wisconsin recall primary: Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett won the Democratic primary to face Gov. Scott Walker(R) in a recall election next month, setting up a rematch of their 2010 race. Barrett, who has been under fire from unions for using Walker’s reforms to cut benefits and…. – WaPo, 5-8-12
  • Wis. Gov. Scott Walker easily wins Republican primary in recall election: Wis. Gov. Scott Walker easily wins Republican primary in recall election over union rights…. – WaPo, 5-8-12North Carolina Voters Pass Same-Sex Marriage Ban: North Carolina’s voters on Tuesday approved a constitutional amendment that bans same-sex marriage, joining 29 other states and the rest of the South…. – NYT, 5-8-12
  • NC approves amendment on gay marriage: North Carolina voters approved a constitutional amendment Tuesday defining marriage solely as a union between a man and a woman, becoming the latest state to effectively slam the door shut on same-sex marriages…. – AP, 5-8-12
  • North Carolina voters approve same-sex marriage ban: North Carolina voters on Tuesday approved a state constitutional amendment that bans same-sex marriage and civil unions, dealing a blow to efforts across the United States to expand gay marriage rights.
    The amendment, which says marriage between a man and a woman is the only legally recognized domestic union in the state, passed by a wide margin. With 95 of 100 counties’ results reported, about 61 percent of votes backed the amendment.
    North Carolina law already blocks gay and lesbian couples from marrying, but the state now joins the rest of the Southeast states in adding the prohibition to its constitution.
    Many voters simply viewed the amendment as a vote on same-sex marriage despite efforts by the measure’s opponents to broaden the discussion, said Tom Jensen of the Raleigh-based Public Policy Polling firm.
    Massachusetts, Iowa, Vermont, New Hampshire, Connecticut, New York and the District of Columbia allow gay and lesbian nuptials.
    Maryland, New Jersey and Washington state have passed laws this year approving same-sex marriage, but Governor Chris Christie vetoed New Jersey’s law and opponents in Maryland and Washington are threatening ballot initiatives to overturn those laws…. – Reuters, 5-8-12
  • NC voters OK ban on gay marriage: North Carolina voters approved a state constitutional amendment Tuesday declaring marriage is solely between a man and a woman, dealing a setback to gay-rights advocates…. – USA Today, 5-8-12
  • NC approves constitutional ban on same-sex marriage: North Carolina voters approved a constitutional ban on same-sex marriage Tuesday, dealing a setback to a gay rights movement that has enjoyed significant momentum in recent years. With less than a third of the returns tallied, the measure had enough…. – WaPo, 5-8-12
  • Gay marriage: North Carolina voters approve constitutional ban: North Carolina voters on Tuesday appeared to easily pass Amendment One, an amendment to the state constitution that not only bans gay marriage but also outlaws civil unions and domestic partnerships…. – LAT, 5-8-12
  • Obama’s campaign says he is ‘disappointed’ with NC amendment banning gay marriage: President Barack Obama’s campaign says he’s “disappointed” with North Carolina’s constitutional amendment banning gay marriage. Obama campaign spokesman Cameron French said in a Tuesday statement that the ban on same-sex unions is…. – WaPo, 5-8-12
  • NC passes Marriage Amendment: A majority of North Carolinians voted Tuesday in favor of a Constitutional amendment that recognizes the marriage of a man and woman as the only valid domestic union in North Carolina, with a 61 percent to 38 … – Durham Herald Sun, 5-8-12
  • Marriage amendment passes by large margin: With a more than 20-point lead with more than 90 percent of precincts reported, North Carolina’s marriage amendment has passed…. – WXII The Triad, 5-8-12
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