Campaign Buzz April 10, 2012: Rick Santorum Suspends Presidential Campaign for GOP / Republican Nomination says Presidential Race ‘is over for me’


By Bonnie K. Goodman

Ms. Goodman is the Editor of History Musings. She has a BA in History & Art History & a Masters in Library and Information Studies from McGill University, and has done graduate work in history at Concordia University. Ms. Goodman has also contributed the overviews, and chronologies in History of American Presidential Elections, 1789-2008, 4th edition, edited by Gil Troy, Fred L. Israel, and Arthur Meier Schlesinger published by Facts on File, Inc. in late 2011.


Santorum Suspends Run for President

Rick Santorum announced the suspension of his presidential  campaign in Gettysburg, Pa., on Tuesday.

Stephanie Strasburg for The New York Times — Rick Santorum announced the suspension of his presidential campaign in Gettysburg, Pa., on Tuesday.

The decision abruptly ends Rick Santorum’s quest for the Republican presidential nomination after weeks in which he has struggled to compete with Mitt Romney’s well-financed campaign apparatus.


Today I announced that I am suspending my campaign for the President of the United States. This has been one of the hardest decisions Karen and I have ever had to face together. And it has been hard in large measure because of you. I know that my candidacy has offered you a way to fight for your convictions. Together, we have fought for the principles that this country was founded on; that made this country great. Without fighting for them, this country cannot continue to be great.
I thank you for your support, and urge you to continue this fight. God bless you, and please keep us in your prayers. And know that we keep you in ours. — Rick Santorum


“Over and over again, we were told, ‘Forget it, you can’t win.’ We were winning. We were winning in a very different way because we were touching hearts. We were raising issues that, well, frankly, a lot of people didn’t want to have raised.”

“This race was as improbable as any race that you will ever see for president. I want to thank God for that and I want to thank all of you. Thank all of you across this country for what you have given– well, hopefully not just me and our family but what you’ve given which is a voice to those who are in many cases voiceless.”

“We traveled around and did 385 town hall meetings in Iowa. We weren’t out there trashing anybody … We painted a hopeful, positive vision for our country. One that was based on how we could get this country turned around, not just economically.”

“Against all odds, we won 11 states. Millions of voters. Millions of votes. We won more counties than all the other people in this race combined.”

“We made a decision over the weekend that while this presidential race for us is over, for me, and we will suspend our campaign effective today, we are not done fighting. We are going to continue to fight for those voices. We’re going to continue to fight for the Americans who stood up and gave us that air under our wings that allowed us to accomplish things that no political expert would have ever expected.”

Mitt Romney: I Congratulate Senator Santorum on the Campaign He Ran: “Senator Santorum is an able and worthy competitor, and I congratulate him on the campaign he ran. He has proven himself to be an important voice in our party and in the nation. We both recognize that what is most important is putting the failures of the last three years behind us and setting America back on the path to prosperity.”

Santorum to withdraw from presidential race: Rick Santorum announced Tuesday afternoon that he is suspending his presidential campaign, according to a campaign official. Santorum will announce his withdrawal at a campaign event in Gettysburg, Pa., all but bringing to a close the 2012 GOP presidential contest and handing the nomination to Mitt Romney…. – WaPo, 4-10-12

Santorum Suspends Presidential Campaign: Rick Santorum suspended his presidential campaign on Tuesday, bowing to the inevitability of Mitt Romney’s nomination and ending his improbable, come-from-behind quest to become the party’s conservative standard-bearer in the fall.
“We made a decision over the weekend, that while this presidential race for us is over, for me, and we will suspend our campaign today, we are not done fighting,” Mr. Santorum said.
Mr. Santorum made the announcement at a stop in his home state of Pennsylvania after a weekend in which he tended to his 3-year-old daughter, Bella, who had been hospitalized with pneumonia.
Mr. Santorum, who was holding back tears, did not exactly specify why he was ending his presidential bid. He referred to his daughter’s illness, but said she was making great progress and was back home after being hospitalized over the weekend…. – NYT, 4-10-12

US Election 2012: highlights from Rick Santorum’s campaign: Rick Santorum said his candidacy was “as improbable as any race you will ever see for president”. Here are the highlights from a shoe-string campaign that one point threatened to derail Mitt Romney…. –, 4-10-12


  • Santorum quits race, handing Romney Republican crown: Mitt Romney on Tuesday effectively won the Republican Party crown to challenge President Barack Obama in November elections, as chief rival Rick Santorum dropped his long-shot White House bid…. – AFP, 4-10-12
  • Santorum suspends GOP presidential campaign: Bowing to the inevitable after an improbably resilient run for the White House, Rick Santorum quit the presidential race on Tuesday, clearing the way for Mitt Romney to claim the Republican…. – AP, 4-10-12
  • Santorum White House bid stirred love, loathing: Rick Santorum, who ended his race for the White House Tuesday, emerged as an improbable contender for the Republican nomination, with a faith-and-family message that caught fire with the party’s most…. – AFP, 4-10-12
  • Santorum suspends campaign, clearing Romney’s path CNN International – ?3 minutes ago? By Tom Cohen, CNN Washington (CNN) — Conservative challenger Rick Santorum announced Tuesday that he is suspending his Republican presidential campaign after a weekend of “prayer and thought,” effectively ceding the GOP nomination to front-runner Mitt Romney…
  • Rick Santorum ends bid for GOP nomination: Rick Santorum suspended his bid for the presidency on Tuesday, removing the last significant obstacle in … – CBS News, 4-10-12
  • Rick Santorum suspends presidential campaign, is ‘not done fighting’: Rick Santorum announced Tuesday that he will suspend his presidential campaign but vowed “we are not done fighting.” “While this presidential race is over for us, for me…we are not done fighting,” Santorum said. “We are going to continue … – LAT, 4-10-12
  • Ron Paul: Rick Santorum exit could provide opening: With Rick Santorum’s exit Tuesday, the GOP race is down to three, and Ron Paul becomes Mitt Romney’s biggest threat. Paul can’t win, but he could stop Romney from beating Obama…. – CS Monitor, 4-10-12
  • Rick Santorum bows out of 2012 presidential race: Rick Santorum ended his campaign for the Republican presidential nomination, clearing a path for Mitt Romney to become the nominee…. – CS Monitor, 4-10-12
  • Santorum suspends GOP presidential campaign: Bowing to the inevitable, Rick Santorum quit the presidential campaign Tuesday, clearing the way for Mitt Romney to claim the Republican nomination. Santorum, appearing with his wife and family in his home state of Pennsylvania, told supporters the … – LAT, 4-10-12
  • Santorum Suspends Presidential Campaign: Rick Santorum is suspending his campaign for the Republican presidential nomination on Tuesday, according to a person with knowledge of his plans, bowing to the inevitability of Mitt Romney’s nomination and ending his improbable, come-from-behind quest to become the party’s conservative standard-bearer in the fall…. – NYT, 4-10-12
  • Santorum suspends GOP presidential campaign: AP Rick Santorum is suspending his campaign for the Republican presidential nomination, clearing a path for Mitt Romney to become the nominee. A Republican close to the campaign says the former Pennsylvania senator was to make the announcement Tuesday…. – LAT, 4-10-12
  • Rick Santorum to suspend presidential campaign: Santorum is set to speak to reporters shortly in Gettysburg, Pa. It is his first campaign event since taking time off for the Easter holiday and to deal with the hospitalization of his youngest daughter, Bella…. – USA Today, 4-10-12
  • Rick Santorum withdraws from GOP presidential race, clearing path for Romney: Rick Santorum is suspending his campaign for the GOP presidential nomination, clearing a path for Mitt Romney to become the nominee. A campaign spokesman says the former Pennsylvania senator was to make the announcement Tuesday in his…. – WaPo, 4-10-12
  • Poll: What do voters think of Santorum campaign suspension?: Rick Santorum, the former Pennsylvania senator and leading stumbling block to Mitt Romney’s path to the GOP nomination, announced Tuesday he will suspend his presidential campaign. Republicans and independents who lean to the GOP…. – WaPo, 4-10-12
  • What happens to Rick Santorum’s delegates?: “Against all odds, we won 11 states,” Rick Santorum told supporters in Gettysburg on Tuesday afternoon as he announced that he was suspending his campaign for the GOP presidential nod. “Millions of voters. Millions of votes.”
    So, what happens to the 281 Republican National Convention delegates that the former Pennsylvania senator has won over the course of the campaign?
    It depends on the states in which Santorum won them…. – WaPo, 4-10-12


(The Washington Post)

Campaign Headlines April 5, 2012: Despite calls to drop his Presidential bid, Rick Santorum benefits from staying in GOP race




Santorum benefits from staying in GOP race

Source: CNN, 4-5-12
Santorum: ‘Plan to win’ in Pennsylvania
  • NEW: Rick Santorum’s campaign disputes media delegate count
  • Despite increasing calls to drop out, Santorum stays in the Republican presidential race
  • Pressure to get out fits campaign theme as a conservative bucking the establishment
  • Hurting Romney’s chances could benefit Santorum in 2016, analyst Darrell West says

Get out Rick, a growing Republican chorus says. Forget it, responds Rick Santorum to the calls to drop his increasingly long-shot bid for the GOP presidential nomination.

The pressure to withdraw is actually incentive for Santorum to stay in the race.

It keeps the media spotlight on him and bolsters the image he constantly projects of himself as the lone conservative battling the GOP establishment’s desire for the more moderate Mitt Romney to face President Barack Obama in November.

Private meetings focused on Santorum’s way forward

Both elements are vital to the former U.S. senator from Pennsylvania, who has seen his campaign rise from shoestring status to become the main conservative challenge to Romney’s front-running bid….READ MORE

Full Text Campaign Buzz April 4, 2012: Rick Santorum’s Speech in Pennsylvania After Losing all 3 Primaries in Maryland, Washington DC & Wisconsin




Rick Santorum: Wisconsin Primary speech (Transcript, video)

Source: WaPo, 4-3-12

Rick Santorum delivered his election-night speech from Mars, Penn., on Tuesday night as the results from the Maryland, Washington, D.C., and Wisconsin primaries were coming in. Unfortunately for Santorum, he was defeated in all three primaries by former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney.

SANTORUM: Thank you. Thank you so much. Thank you so much. It is great to be home. Thank you.


I’m here with Karen and the kids and the people behind us, that’s just — that’s not all of Karen’s family but most of it. Karen is — Karen and her — Karen’s parents had 11 children and umpteen nieces and nephews that we have and it’s — it’s just great to be here with — with friends and family. And we have now reached the point where it’s halftime. Half the delegates in this process have been — have been selected. And who’s ready to charge out of the locker room in Pennsylvania for a strong second half?


It is — it is great to be here in Southwestern Pennsylvania where — where I grew up in a — in a steel town about 20 miles north — northeast of here in this same county, Butler, Pennsylvania. How about a shout out for Butler?


And this area — this area like that town and like the people in it, forged steel to build this country, to help win world wars and not just have we built the country and forged steel to win wars, we’ve forged people with strong values and a strong commitment to what made America great. OK you can applaud that too.


I can always be interrupted for applause, don’t worry about that. This is — this why we came here. This is why we wanted to come back to west — Southwestern Pennsylvania to — to kick off the second half. This is a — a part of the country, Pennsylvania that well, it’s where America started. Not only did we forge steel in this state, we forged liberty in this state.


The symbol of the Liberty Bell in Philadelphia, where that document that those who have been following me about on the campaign trail have been seeing, this document both the U.S. Constitution and the Declaration of Independence forged right here in Pennsylvania. And there’s no place where those values are more instilled than in this great commonwealth. Ladies and gentleman…


This great commonwealth has given a tremendous amount to our country. If you look at just the history of our — of our great state, not only the Declaration and the Constitution created here, but we won key battles. Washington’s crossing — Washington crossing the Delaware to save the revolution. That plan was hatched up here in Pennsylvania. Some in the other camps in this race have said that all of the significant people have spoken in this race so far. See, General Washington knew that in fact not all the significant are those elites in society. Those who are the generals and the ranked officers, but in fact what General Washington understood, some of the best ideas, some of the best plans, in fact what has made this country great is that we have listened to real significant voices of every day Americans. And he did. And that’s why he crossed the Delaware, surprised the Hessian’s and turned the tide of the revolution. Ladies and gentleman, Pennsylvania and half the other people in this country have yet to be heard and we’re going to to out and campaign here and across this nation to make sure that their voices are heard in the next few months.


We know who we are here in Pennsylvania. We know who we are. We know the stock that we are made of. We’ve contributed a lot. Great deeds have occurred here. Great Pennsylvanians have contributed. I know, I had the privilege of representing this state in the Senate for 12 years and this community here in Southwestern Pennsylvania for four.


I went to every one of those counties every year, all 67 and I understand the greatness of the people of this state. And I understand how important this race is here in Pennsylvania. This is called the Keystone State for a reason. We are in fact the keystone. We’re the — we’re the place upon which our country was built and great things continue to happen here. Great things like in manufacturing and oil and gas production here in Pennsylvania that is turning our economy around and creating opportunities for us to grow our economy. Not just here in Pennsylvania, but because of lower natural gas prices we’re seeing manufacturing and other businesses come back in spite of the crushing burden that Barack Obama and his administration has put on our economy.

SANTORUM: We need someone who understands what liberty is all about. Someone who’s going to go out and fight to make sure that the biggest and most crushing burden that this administration has put on us, one that was debated just last week in the United States Supreme Court about government taking control of your health and of course as a result, of your very life. And dictating to you – dictating to you what you will do, how much you will pay, what insurance you will get. And even what the practice of your faith will be dictated by the federal government.

We need someone in this race who can go out and make the clarion call for liberty. Someone who has stood tall and opposed government run health care at any level, state or federal. Who can go out and make the case of what Barack Obama is doing, which even Justice Stevens, which is what ObamaCare does and what his agenda of government control of health care and his attempt to get Cap and Trade, where he’s going dictate how you — energy — how much energy, not just health care, but how much energy you’re going to use.

That this is a fundamental change in the relationship between the people and their government. Ladies and gentleman if we’re going to win this race, we can’t have little differences between our nominee and President Obama. We have to have clear contrasting colors. In the last 120 years…


In the last 120 years, we’ve had one time where the Republican Party has defeated an incumbent Democrat for president. One time. Time and time again the Republican establishment and aristocracy have shoved down the throats of the Republican Party and people across this country, moderate Republicans. Because of course we have to win by getting people in the middle. There’s one person who understood, we don’t win by moving to the middle. We win by getting people in the middle to move to us and move this country forward.


Not only do we know who we are here in Pennsylvania and what we stand for, but you know who I am. You’re going to hear a lot of things being thrown as has happened in all the other states where we’ve seen a whole bunch of negative campaigning. We’ve gone out across this country. And with the most improbable of odds, and with limited resources except one in which we’ve had incredible resources, and that’s human resources. The people of this country have stood up and followed because they’ve seen someone who has a clear positive vision. Someone whose convictions are also forged in steel, not on an Etch-A-Sketch.


So you’ll be seeing the negative ads and you’ll be here getting the robo-calls and all the other things thrown at us. But you know me. You know how hard I work. You know how strongly I believe the things that — the values of Southwestern Pennsylvania have instilled in me. You know that I come from a steel town from immigrant parents. Grandfather worked in the mines. Someone who lived in government housing on a V.A. grounds and saw the great sacrifice of our men and women in uniform, serving them as they served our country. You know me. They’ll say all the things, that I’m someone who doesn’t stand up for what I believe in. You know me.


And so I ask you over the next three weeks, this isn’t halftime, no marching bands. We’re hitting the field. The clock starts tonight. We’ve got three weeks to go out here in Pennsylvania and win this state and after winning this state, the field looks a little different in May. I remind everybody the one time that we did win in the last 120 years, the Republican Party had the courage to go out and nominate someone who all the experts and all the pundits and all the media — all the Republican establishment said couldn’t win. He was too conservative.

He lost almost every early primary. He only won one until May. One primary till May. Everybody told him to get out of the race. This was back in 1976. They said, get out of the race, we need a moderate. In 1976, Ronald Reagan didn’t get out of the race. He was able to stand tall in May, win the state of Texas, which we have every intention of doing.


He took that race the entire way to the convention and he fell short. And in the fall Republicans fell short because we nominated another moderate who couldn’t galvanize our party and bring those votes to our side to get the kind of change that we needed in America. And then four years later, they fought him again. We need another moderate. We have to defeat this Democratic incumbent. And this time the Republican establishment lost. Let’s not make the mistake of 1976 again. Let’s bypass that error and move straight to 1980. And let’s defeat a Democratic incumbent. And you can help me here in Pennsylvania. Thank you very much. God bless you. God bless you. Thank you. Thank you.

Full Text Campaign Buzz April 3, 2012: Mitt Romney’s Speech After Winning Wisconsin, Maryland, Washington DC Primary Trio — Transcript



Mitt Romney Delivers Remarks in Wisconsin

Source: Mitt Romney, 4-3-12


Thank you, Wisconsin! And Maryland! And Washington, DC!

We have won a great victory tonight in our campaign to restore the promise of America.

You won’t find Americans with bigger hearts than those here in our heartland.  But as I’ve travelled across this beautiful state, I’ve visited with far too many whose hearts are filled with anxiety about the future. So many good and decent people seem to be running harder just to stay in place and, for many, no matter how hard they run, every day puts them just a little bit further behind.

It’s that way across so much of America.

Under this President’s watch, more Americans have lost their jobs than during any other period since the Depression. Millions have lost their homes, and a record number of Americans are living in poverty. And the most vulnerable have been hurt the most – over 30% of single moms are struggling in poverty. New business startups are at the lowest level in 30 years, and our national debt is at a record high. And when you drive home tonight and stop at a gas station, just take a look at the prices and ask yourself, “Four more years?”

And that’s why it is important to understand one astonishing fact about this election: President Obama thinks he’s doing a good job. No, I’m not kidding. He actually thinks he’s doing a great job. An historically great job. According to the President, only Lincoln, FDR and Lyndon Johnson have accomplished more. And no, he didn’t say that on Saturday Night Live.

It’s enough to make you think that years of flying around on Air Force One, surrounded by an adoring staff of True Believers telling you what a great job you are doing, well, that might be enough to make you a little out of touch.

This campaign will deal with many complicated issues but there is a basic choice before us:

The President has pledged to “transform America,” and he has spent the last four years laying the foundation for a new Government-Centered Society.

I will spend the next four years rebuilding the foundation of our Opportunity Society, led by free people and free enterprises.

Our different visions for America are the product of our values and our life experiences.

Barack Obama once said that his work as a community organizer motivated him to help “communities that had been ravaged by plant closings.”  His desire to help others could not be more admirable but it’s clear that he saw free enterprise as the villain and not the solution.

He never seemed to grasp the basic point that a plant closes when a business loses money. So today when the President attacks business and when his policies make it more difficult for businesses to grow and prosper, he is also attacking the very communities he wanted to help. That’s how it works in America. Or at least that’s how it works when America is working.

But under Barack Obama, America hasn’t been working. The ironic tragedy is that the community organizer who wanted to help those hurt by a plant closing became the President on whose watch more jobs have been lost than any time since the Great Depression.

In Barack Obama’s Government-Centered Society, the government must do more because the economy is doomed to do less. When you attack business and vilify success, you will have less business and less success. And then, of course, the debate becomes about how much to extend unemployment insurance because you have guaranteed there will be millions more unemployed.

In Barack Obama’s Government-Centered Society, tax increases become not only a necessity, but also a desired tool for social justice. In that world of shrinking means, there’s a finite amount of money, and as someone once famously said, you need taxes to spread the wealth around.

In Barack Obama’s Government-Centered Society, government spending will always increase because…there’s no reason to stop it. There’s always someone who is entitled to something more, and who will vote for anyone who will give them something more.

We know where that transformation leads. There are other nations that have chosen that path. It leads to chronic high unemployment, crushing debt, and stagnant wages. Sound familiar?

I don’t want to transform America; I want to restore the values of economic freedom and opportunity and limited government that have made this nation the leader it is.

It is opportunity that has always driven America and defined us as Americans!

I’m not naïve enough to believe that free enterprise is the solution to all of our problems – nor am I naïve enough to doubt that it is one of the greatest forces of good this world has ever known.

Free enterprise has done more to lift people out of poverty, to help build a strong middle class, to help educate our kids, and to make our lives better, than all of the government programs put together.

If we become one of those societies that attack success, one outcome is certain – there will be a lot less success.

That’s not who we are. The promise of America has always been that if you worked hard, and took some risks, that there was the opportunity to build a better life for your family and for the next generation.

This means that government must be smaller and have strict limits placed on its power.  Obamacare violates both principles. I will repeal it.

Taxes should be as low as possible, in line with those of competing nations, and designed to foster innovation and growth. That’s why I will cut marginal tax rates across the board.

Regulations are necessary, but they must be continuously updated, streamlined, and modernized. Regulators should see part of their job as protecting economic freedom, promoting enterprise, and fostering job creation.

Workers should have the right to form unions, but unions should not be forced upon them. And unions should not have the power to take money out of their members’ paychecks to buy the support of politicians favored by the union bosses.

Out-of-touch liberals like Barack Obama say they want a strong economy, but they really don’t like businesses very much.  But the economy is simply the product of all the nation’s businesses added together.  So it’s like saying you love omelets but don’t like eggs.

To build a strong economy that provides good jobs and rising wages and that reduces poverty, we need to build successful businesses of every kind imaginable.  And President Obama has been attacking successful businesses of every kind imaginable.

We have always been the country where dreamers build dreams and where one dream helps launch another. And if those dreamers are rewarded with prosperity, we view that as a reason others would be encouraged to dream big as well.

These last few years have been difficult, made worse by mistakes and failures of leadership.

But if the hill before us is a little steeper we have always been a nation of big steppers.

In this last year, I have been all over this country, from student union cafeterias to kitchen tables, from factory break rooms to boardrooms, and I’ve heard frustration and anger but rarely hopelessness. Many Americans have given up on this President but they haven’t ever thought about giving up. Not on themselves. Not on each other. And not on America.

We have a sacred duty to restore the promise of America. And we will do it.  We will do it because we believe in America.

Tonight, I’m asking the good people of Connecticut, Delaware, New York, Pennsylvania, and Rhode Island to join me.  Join me in the next step toward that destination of November 6th, when across America we can give a sigh of relief and know that the Promise of America has been kept. The dreamers can dream a little bigger, the help wanted signs can be dusted off, and we can start again.

And this time we’ll get it right. We’ll stop the days of apologizing for success at home and never again apologize for America abroad. Together we’ll build the greatest America we have ever known, where prosperity is grown and shared, not limited and divided, an America that guarantees that ours is the door that innovation and greatness always knocks on first.

There was a time – not so long ago – when each of us could walk a little taller and stand a little straighter because we had a gift that no one else in the world shared. We were Americans. That meant something different to each of us, but it meant something special to all of us. We knew it without question. And so did the world.

Those days are coming back. That’s our destiny. Join me.  And take another step every day until November 6th.

We believe in America. We believe in ourselves. Our greatest days are still ahead. We are, after all, Americans!

God bless you, and God bless the United States of America.

Campaign Buzz April 3, 2012: Mitt Romney’s Clean Sweep Wins all 3 Primaries — Deciscive Victories in Wisconsin, Maryland, Washington DC Primaries


By Bonnie K. Goodman

Ms. Goodman is the Editor of History Musings. She has a BA in History & Art History & a Masters in Library and Information Studies from McGill University, and has done graduate work in history at Concordia University. Ms. Goodman has also contributed the overviews, and chronologies in History of American Presidential Elections, 1789-2008, 4th edition, edited by Gil Troy, Fred L. Israel, and Arthur Meier Schlesinger published by Facts on File, Inc. in late 2011.



Live Coverage of the Wisconsin, Maryland and Washington Primaries: Mitt Romney won the Maryland and Washington primaries on Tuesday night, with a comfortable lead in Wisconsin, steadily adding to a comfortable delegate lead that he hopes will soon be formidable enough to drive his lagging rivals from the race for the Republican presidential nomination…. – NYT, 4-3-12

  • Mitt Romney wins Republican primary in Wisconsin: Mitt Romney has won the Wisconsin primary, AP reports, adding to his commanding lead in the race for the Republican presidential nomination. The former Massachusetts governor also captured Tuesday’s GOP primaries in Maryland and the District of Columbia…. – WaPo, 4-3-12Mitt Romney wins District of Columbia GOP primary: Mitt Romney has won the District of Columbia Republican primary, AP reports. Romney’s leading opponent, former Pennsylvania senator Rick Santorum, wasn’t on the D.C. ballot.
    Romney also captured Maryland earlier Tuesday, and polls have closed in Wisconsin, the day’s most contested primary race…. – WaPo, 4-3-12
    Mitt Romney wins Republican primary in Maryland: Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney cruised to victory in the Maryland Republican presidential primary Tuesday night, easily defeating former Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum…. – WaPo, 4-3-12
  • Romney Scores Decisive Victories in Maryland and Wisconsin: Mitt Romney tightened his grip on the Republican nomination on Tuesday, and found himself in his first direct engagement with President Obama…. – NYT, 4-3-12
  • Romney wins Wisconsin GOP primary, CBS News projects: Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney scored a high-profile victory Tuesday night in the politically-charged state of Wisconsin, CBS News projects…. – CBS News, 4-3-12
  • In blow to Rick Santorum, Mitt Romney wins Wisconsin GOP primary: Mitt Romney has won the Republican presidential primary in Wisconsin, according to the Associated Press, delivering what could be a final blow to the sputtering candidacy of Rick Santorum. As voters in Wisconsin, Maryland and the District…. – LAT, 4-3-12
  • Romney Wins Maryland and Spars With Obama: Mitt Romney was poised to tighten his grip on the Republican nomination, and found himself in his first direct engagement with President Obama…. – NYT, 4-3-12
  • Romney picks up two wins in Republican race: Mitt Romney won contests in Maryland and Washington, DC on Tuesday to tighten his grip on the race for the Republican presidential nomination and looked to land a big blow on rival Rick Santorum with an expected…. – Reuters, 4-3-12
  • In Wisconsin Exit Polls, Hints at the Leanings of November Voters: More than 8 in 10 Wisconsin voters said they thought Mr. Romney would be the party’s standard-bearer, according to preliminary exit poll results…. – NYT, 4-3-12
  • Romney wins rare conservative majority in Maryland; Wisconsin voters see him: Mitt Romney won the Maryland Republican presidential primary broadly and deeply, besting chief rival Rick Santorum among conservatives as well as moderates and emerging as the runaway favorite of those who care most about beating President…. – WaPo, 4-3-12

Campaign Buzz April 3, 2012: Live Coverage of Wisconsin, Maryland and Washington DC Primaries — Mitt Romney Set to Win All 3


By Bonnie K. Goodman

Ms. Goodman is the Editor of History Musings. She has a BA in History & Art History & a Masters in Library and Information Studies from McGill University, and has done graduate work in history at Concordia University. Ms. Goodman has also contributed the overviews, and chronologies in History of American Presidential Elections, 1789-2008, 4th edition, edited by Gil Troy, Fred L. Israel, and Arthur Meier Schlesinger published by Facts on File, Inc. in late 2011.



Live Coverage of the Wisconsin, Maryland and Washington Primaries: Follow along for live updates, analysis, exit polls and results from The New York Times political unit…. – NYT, 4-3-12

Wisconsin primary looms large for Romney, larger for Santorum: Forty-two delegates are up for grabs when Wisconsin holds its Republican presidential primary Tuesday. But for Rick Santorum, much more appears to be at stake…. – CNN, 4-3-12

  • Can Mitt Romney settle doubts once and for all in tonight’s primaries?: With Republican primaries in Wisconsin, Maryland and Washington, DC today, front-runner Mitt Romney is poised to win a hat-trick and cement recent gains, but can he change the script – and the doubts over his candidacy – for good this time?… – Globe and Mail, 4-3-12
  • Primary voting begins in Washington, turnout light as expected: Mitt Romney is expected to coast to victory Tuesday in the lightly contested Republican presidential primary in the District of Columbia, which offers GOP voters in the nation’s capital a rare opportunity to have their voices heard in … – WaPo, 4-3-12
  • Wisconsin Votes After Fiercely Fought Battle: As Wisconsin voters went to the polls on Tuesday in the first hard-fought Republican presidential primary in the state since 1980, many echoed the arguments made by the two main rivals on the campaign trail…. – NYT, 4-3-12
  • Wisconsin, Maryland, DC primaries could move Romney closer to nomination: Polls are open in Maryland, the District and Wisconsin, where Tuesday’s Republican primaries could move Mitt Romney closer to a nomination that has hovered just out of his reach.
    Romney is favored to win in all three jurisdictions: the closest race appears to be in Wisconsin, where recent polls have shown him with a single-digit lead over former senator Rick Santorum (Pa.)…. – WaPo, 4-3-12
  • Santorum’s county victories show rural strength: Rick Santorum spent a lot of time campaigning recently in more rural areas of Wisconsin and Maryland, hoping to boost his vote totals today in the states’ primaries. A new analysis shows Santorum is doing better than Mitt Romney… – USA Today, 4-3-12
  • Primary voters in Wisconsin, DC and Maryland head to polls: Primary voters here will either help solidify Mitt Romney’s grip on the Republican presidential nomination or give Rick Santorum another reason to continue his campaign…. – USA Today, 4-3-12

Campaign Headlines April 1, 2012: Mitt Romney’s staff pulls April Fools’ joke on candidate



Romney’s staff pulls April Fools’ gag on candidate

Republican presidential candidate, former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney, left, shakes hands with U.S. Rep. Paul Ryan, R-Wis., Chairman of the House Budget Committee, right, before speaking with supporters of Wisconsin Republican Gov. Scott Walker at a phone bank during a campaign stop in Fitchburg, Wis., Saturday, March 31, 2012. The phone bank is used in support of Walker who is facing a recall election in June 2012. Republican presidential candidate, former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney, left, shakes hands with U.S. Rep. Paul Ryan, R-Wis., Chairman of the House Budget Committee, right, before speaking with supporters of Wisconsin Republican Gov. Scott Walker at a phone bank during a campaign stop in Fitchburg, Wis., Saturday, March 31, 2012. The phone bank is used in support of Walker who is facing a recall election in June 2012. (AP Photo/Steven Senne)
Republican presidential contender Mitt Romney may have forgotten that Sunday was April Fools’ Day.

His staff did not.

“This is a morning I’m not going to forget anytime soon,” Romney told supporters a little later in the day. “They turned me into the April fool this morning.”

Campaign workers took Romney to a room he thought was packed with supporters gathered for a pancake brunch. It was supposed to be his first campaign stop Sunday as he courted Wisconsin voters ahead of Tuesday’s primary.

Romney said Rep. Paul Ryan walked out into the ballroom first and introduced Romney as he waited backstage with his newest supporter, Sen. Ron Johnson, R-Wis. There were the standard backstage cues for where to stand, along with Secret Service protection.

As Romney stood behind a black curtain, Ryan offered his usual enthusiastic endorsement, singing Romney’s praises as applause filtered backstage.

His staff warned him not to expect a big crowd. That was an understatement.

Finally, it was time for Romney and Johnson to step into the room.

“The two of us go out there, and it’s completely empty. There’s nobody there,” a smiling Romney said when his staff later brought him to the right room, where supporters had gathered, upstairs.

“Not only do they do that, but they caught it on camera,” Romney said. “This is known as forgive, but remember.”…READ MORE

Campaign Buzz March 24, 2012: Rick Santorum Wins Louisiana GOP / Republican Presidential Primary — 11th Win and 3rd Southern State Win


By Bonnie K. Goodman

Ms. Goodman is the Editor of History Musings. She has a BA in History & Art History & a Masters in Library and Information Studies from McGill University, and has done graduate work in history at Concordia University. Ms. Goodman has also contributed the overviews, and chronologies in History of American Presidential Elections, 1789-2008, 4th edition, edited by Gil Troy, Fred L. Israel, and Arthur Meier Schlesinger published by Facts on File, Inc. in late 2011.


Rick Santorum hands back an autographed campaign flyer at a rally in Shreveport, La. | AP Photo


Rick Santorum wins Republican primary in Louisiana: Rick Santorum has won the Republican primary in Louisiana, the latest Southern state under his belt after wins in Tennessee, Alabama and Mississippi.

But rival Mitt Romney already has a growing, if not insurmountable, delegate lead over Santorum…. – WaPo, 3-24-12

“The people of Louisiana sent a loud and clear message: This race is long, and far from over.” — Rick Santorum

“We’re very excited about the win. … This race proves that this thing has some legs. This is a momentum shift for us. I think the tide is turning.” — Rick Santorum spokesman Hogan Gidley on MSNBC

  • Santorum wins Louisiana Republican primary: CNN: Rick Santorum won the Louisiana Republican primary on Saturday, CNN projected based on exit polls, adding an 11th state to his total but still trailing Mitt Romney by a wide margin in the national delegate count…. – Reuters, 3-24-12
  • Santorum beats Romney in Louisiana: Rick Santorum won the Louisiana Republican presidential primary Saturday, beating front-runner Mitt Romney in yet another conservative Southern state.

    Although the victory gives Santorum bragging rights, it does not change the overall dynamics of the race; the former Pennsylvania senator still dramatically lags behind Romney in the hunt for delegates to the GOP’s summertime nominating convention…. – AP, 3-24-12

  • Lousiana primary results: Rick Santorum wins: Rick Santorum picked up another win on Saturday in Louisiana, but the victory won’t significantly change the delegate advantage held by Mitt Romney in the GOP nominating contest.

    The Associated Press called the race for Santorum within minutes of the polls closing, after exit polls indicated he held a comfortable lead. Romney placed second and Gingrich third with a small percentage of precincts reporting.

    With the results pretty much set before voting began, the field of GOP hopefuls had already shifted its attention to future contests. Santorum and Gingrich spent Saturday in Pennsylvania, and Santorum went on to Wisconsin. Romney took a break from the trail this weekend and will resume campaigning Monday in southern California…. – Politico, 3-24-12

  • Santorum wins Louisiana GOP primary: Rick Santorum won Louisiana’s Republican presidential primary Saturday, but his victory seemed unlikely to change the trajectory of the race, in which Mitt Romney remains the prohibitive favorite.

    Louisiana was Santorum’s third Southern state win this month — he also won Alabama and Mississippi primaries March 13 — and Newt Gingrich’s third loss in the region that he had made the focus of his campaign…. – USA Today, 3-24-12

  • Santorum Projected Winner of Louisiana Primary: Rick Santorum was projected as the winner of the Louisiana Republican primary Saturday night, capturing a deeply conservative state with a hefty portion of the kind of evangelical Christian voters who have helped him claim victories in 10 other states.

    The Associated Press projected Mr. Santorum as the winner shortly after the polls closed. The victory gives Mr. Santorum a much-needed psychological boost but it will be unlikely to change the dynamics of the race. Only 20 delegates were up for grabs on Saturday, with 26 more to be allocated later. Even if Mr. Santorum were to claim most of them, he would still have only half the delegates that Mitt Romney, his chief rival, has already accumulated…. – NYT, 3-24-12

  • Rick Santorum wins Louisiana primary: Rick Santorum has won the Louisiana Republican primary, giving his campaign a boost as front-runner Mitt Romney seeks to wind down the nominating process. The Associated Press declared the former senator from Pennsylvania the … – LAT, 3-24-12
  • Santorum strong across board in LA GOP primary, dominates with conservatives: Preliminary results of an exit poll of voters in Louisiana’s Republican presidential primary show Rick Santorum winning with his most dominant performance yet this year among conservatives and blue-collar voters and getting robust support … – WaPo, 3-24-12
  • Santorum adds delegates with win in Louisiana primary; haul limited by proportional rule: Rick Santorum picked up at least eight convention delegates by winning the Republican presidential primary in Louisiana. Santorum’s haul was limited by Louisiana’s rules for awarding delegates. The state has a total of 46 delegates to the … – WaPo, 3-24-12
  • Santorum wins Louisiana primary, renews his campaign to catch Romney: Rick Santorum is the winner of the Louisiana Republican presidential primary, defeating GOP front-runner Mitt Romney in yet another conservative Southern state. Santorum is Romney’s chief challenger and a former Pennsylvania senator who … – WaPo, 3-24-12
  • Enthusiastic backers lift Santorum in Louisiana: Early results from exit polls of Louisiana Republican voters show Rick Santorum carried the state with a broad base of enthusiastic supporters and his widest margins of the campaign over Mitt Romney among the conservatives and evangelicals who have lifted his campaign across the South…. – AP, 3-24-12
  • Louisiana votes in GOP primary Saturday: Republicans went to the polls Saturday in Louisiana to vote in a primary poised to give a boost to Rick Santorum, but also add to Mitt Romney’s growing, if not insurmountable delegate lead in the race for the GOP nomination…. – WaPo, 3-24-12
  • Exit poll of LA GOP presidential voters shows few consider Etch A Sketch flap: Few voters in Louisiana’s Republican presidential primary said they were influenced by a comment by a Mitt Romney aide likening his campaign’s tactics to an Etch A Sketch toy, even though it was one of the week’s big political stories…. – NYT, 3-24-12
  • Voter Turnout Appears Light in Louisiana Primary: As Louisiana became the 28th state to head to the polls in a drawn-out Republican presidential race, turnout appeared very light at several sites around New Orleans, a combination perhaps of campaign fatigue and the competition of a … – NYT, 3-24-12
  • GOP Campaign Could End Soon — But Not in Louisiana: Rick Santorum is likely to win the Louisiana Republican primary on Saturday. He has had a clear and fairly consistent lead of about 14 percentage points in recent polls there. Moreover, Lousiana’s demographics are favorable to Mr. Santorum…. – NYT, 3-24-12
  • Will a Santorum win in Louisiana change GOP race?: Registered Republicans voted Saturday in Louisiana’s primary while Rick Santorum, heavily favored to win there, and Newt Gingrich assailed President Barack Obama’s energy policies and Mitt Romney’s … – CNN, 3-24-12
  • Five scenarios that could finally settle the GOP race: Are we there yet? Not quite. Mitt Romney’s two steps forward, one flub back campaign continues its tantalizing progress toward a total victory that always seems just ahead…. – USA Today, 3-24-12
  • Voters head to polls in Louisiana: Despite clear blue skies and one of the most closely watched Republican primaries in Louisiana history, voting here Saturday morning was thin and sporadic…. – USA Today, 3-24-12

Campaign Buzz March 20 2012: Newt Gingrich Statement Reacting to the Results of the Illinois Republican Presidential Primary — Transcript



Gingrich statement on Illinois results

Source: WaPo, 3-20-12
Former House speaker Newt Gingrich issued the following statement via his website reacting to the results of the Illinois Primary.

“To defeat Barack Obama, Republicans can’t nominate a candidate who relies on outspending his opponents 7-1. Instead, we need a nominee who offers powerful solutions that hold the president accountable for his failures. Over the past few weeks, my $2.50 gas plan has shown how America could have cheaper gas, more jobs and greater national security while putting the White House on the defense over their anti-American energy policies. This is the type of leadership I can offer as the nominee, and this campaign will spend (the time) between now and when the delegates vote in Tampa relentlessly taking the fight to President Obama to make this case.”

Campaign Buzz March 20 2012: Rick Santorum’s Speech / Remarks after Losing Illinois Republican Presidential Primary in Second Placed Finish to Mitt Romney — Transcript



Rick Santorum: ‘Big things are adrift’ (Video, Speech transcript)

Source: WaPo, 3-20-12

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. It is great to be back in Pennsylvania. Thank you for joining us here.

Let me just thank all of you for being here. And I know that they’re not going to be hearing me, but I — I just feel so bad. We have about 1,000-1,500 people who couldn’t get in here. We’re just overwhelmed by the response here, and I just want to say: I feel welcomed back home to Pennsylvania, so thank you very, very much.

It is — it is — first, I just want to congratulate Governor Romney. I gave him a call a little earlier and congratulated him on winning the state of Illinois. But I also want to say — I just want to thank all of the folks in Illinois, all in the — you know, if you look at what — what’s going to happen tonight, we’re going to win downstate, we’re going to win central Illinois, we’re going to win western Illinois. We won the areas that conservatives and Republicans populate, and we’re very happy about that. We’re happy about the delegates we’re going to get, too.

We wanted to come here tonight back to Pennsylvania, back to a favorite place of mine in Pennsylvania, the city and the town of Gettysburg. It’s…

Obviously, it’s — so many memories come to mind when we walk on here in the town and across the street where Abraham Lincoln finished the Gettysburg Address at the Wills House. And you think about the great elections of our past.

And I’ve gone around this country over the past year now and said this is the most important election in our lifetimes. And, in fact, I think it’s the most important election since the election of 1860.

The election in 1860 was about whether these united states — which is what it was mostly referred to prior to the election of 1860 — would become the United States, whether it would be a union, a country bound together to build a great and prosperous nation, a — a nation based on a concept, a concept that we were birthed with, a concept birthed with our founding document of the Declaration of Independence.

I’ve said throughout the course of this campaign that while other issues are certainly important — the economy, joblessness, national security concerns, the family, the issue of life — all of these issues are important, but the foundational issue in this race, the one that is, in fact, the cause of the other maladies that we are feeling, whether it’s in the economy or whether it’s in the budget crisis that we’re dealing with, all boils down to one word, and that’s what’s at stake in this election, and it’s right behind me on that banner, and that’s the word “freedom.”

I was pleased to hear before I came out that Governor Romney is now adopting that theme as his speech tonight.

I am — I am glad we are moving the debate here in the Republican Party. But I’ve been focused on this, because I’ve actually been out talking to people across this country, doing over a thousand town hall meetings. And I know the anxiety and the concerns that people have in this country about an ever-expanding government, a government that is trying to dictate how we’re going to live our lives, trying to order us around, trample our freedoms, whether it’s our economic freedoms or our religious liberty.

But in addition to trampling that freedom, in addition to building a dependency, a dependency on government, as we see government expand and grow, now almost half the people in this country depend on some form of federal payment to help them get — make ends meet in America. And after and if Obamacare is implemented, every single American will depend upon the federal government for something that is critical, their health and their life.

That’s why this election is so important. This is an election about fundamental and foundational things. This is an election about not who’s the best person to manage Washington or manage the economy. We don’t need a manager. We need someone who’s going to pull up government by the roots and throw it out and do something to liberate the private sector in America. That’s what we need.

It’s great to have Wall Street experience. I don’t have Wall Street experience, but I have experience growing up in a small town in western Pennsylvania, growing up in a steel town, growing up in public housing in apartments and seeing how men and women of this country scraped and clawed because they had the opportunity to climb the ladder of success in America.

A lot of those folks out there today feel like nobody in Washington and no one in this debate is really talking about them. That’s why this is a wonderful movement as I travel around this country and everywhere I go. I see people, people in work clothes, folks with children who are maybe not getting the educational opportunities that they hoped for so they could climb that ladder of success, people who are looking for someone to voice their concerns about how this economy is going to turn around for them, not just for those at the top of the income ladder.

That’s why I’ve talked about a manufacturing plan, an energy plan, someone who believes that if we create opportunities by, yes, cutting taxes, but reducing the oppressive regulatory burden that this administration has put on businesspeople and people who want to drill for energy, it needs someone who’s got a strong and clear record that can appeal to voters all across this country and someone who you can trust, someone that you know when they say they’re going to do something, they’re not saying it because, well, that happens to be the popular theme of the moment, but someone who has a long track record of deep convictions, someone who’s going to go out and stand and fight, because it’s not just what the pollster tells them to say or what’s on their TelePrompTer. I don’t happen to have one here tonight.

Because — because they know in their gut from their life experiences, from living in America, that this is what America needs and America wants. They want someone who’s not going to go to Washington, D.C., because they want to be the most powerful person in the world to manage Washington. They want someone who’s going to take that power and give it back to the people of this country.

There is one candidate in this race who can go out and make that contrast with the current occupant of the White House, someone who has a track record of being for you, being for limited government, being for solutions that empower people on the biggest issues of the day, whether it’s Obamacare, Romneycare. They’re interchangeable.

We need someone who understands that the solution to the problem with almost 1/17th of the economy is not government control over that sector economy, but your control over that sector of the economy.

We need someone who understands that we need to grow our energy supplies here in this country. And we need someone you can trust who when in good times and in bad, when times were tough and people thought, well, that — all this oil and gas and coal in the ground is all a source of carbon dioxide, and we can’t take that out of the ground because, well, there’s a finite supply and it could — it could damage our environment and cause global warming…

.. when the climate — when those who — who — who profess manmade global warming and climate science convinced many, many Republicans, including two who are running for president on the Republican ticket, Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich.

But there was one who said: I know this isn’t climate science. This is political science.

And this was another attempt of those who want to take power away from you and control your access to energy, your utilization, whether it’s in your car or in your home of energy, because they are better to make these decisions about how you use energy than you do.

That’s what they believe. And unfortunately, just like in health care, Governor Romney and Speaker Gingrich went along with the ride. And guess what? When the climate changed, they changed their position. And now they’re all for drilling and they’re all for oil and gas and coal. I was for it because it was the right thing to do then; I’ll be for it tomorrow and the next day and the next day. I’m not going to change with the climate.

Ladies and gentlemen, I grew up in this great state, and this is the first day — this is the launch we wanted to come here to Pennsylvania, to launch our campaign here in Pennsylvania. We’ve got five weeks, five weeks to a big win and a big delegate sweep in Pennsylvania.

I come as a son of Pennsylvania, someone who grew up in western Pennsylvania. Everyone knows the story, I hope, of my grandfather, my dad coming to Pennsylvania to work in those coal mines in Somerset County. I learned everything, everything about freedom and opportunity and hard work, and growing up with folks who worked in the mills and the mines in western Pennsylvania.

And so when I speak and I speak from the heart, in the back of my mind are the pictures of those men and women who worked and scraped and clawed so their children and grandchildren could, yes, have a better quality of life, yes, maybe even go to college and not have to work in tough, manual labor, but, most importantly, they fought for the things that the people in this battlefield just down the road fought for.

They fought for big things, things that America’s always stood for, that Ronald Reagan referred to as that shining city on the hill. It’s things that I’m fighting for here today, the reason Karen and I decided, in the face of having seven children ages 20 to 3 — not exactly the best time to run for president of the United States when you have children 20 to 3…

… but Karen and I felt compelled. We felt compelled, because as Ronald Reagan said in one of his great speeches, we didn’t want to have to sit down someday and look at the eyes of our children and our children’s children and describe to them an America where once men were free.

We don’t want to be that generation that lost the torch of freedom. That’s why Karen and the kids behind me, all of whom born in Pennsylvania, all of those folks who understand the — the greatness of our state and the greatness of the values of this state, all of us understand what was sacrificed, in the mills and on the battlefields.

And that’s why we must go out and fight this fight. That’s why we must go out and nominate someone who understands, not because some pollster tells them, because they know in their gut — just like you do — all across this country, you know in your gut big things are adrift and at stake in this election.

So I ask each and every one of you to join us, to saddle up, like Reagan did in the cowboy movies, to saddle up, take on that responsibility over the next five weeks. We’re going to head to Louisiana from here. We’re feeling very, very good about winning Louisiana on Saturday, I might add.

We’re heading to Louisiana for the rest of the week, and then we’re going to be back here in Pennsylvania, and we’re going to pick up a whole boatload of delegates and close this gap and on to victory.

Thank you all very much. God bless you. Thank you.

Campaign Buzz March 20 2012: Mitt Romney’s Speech / Remarks after Decisive Win in Illinois Republican Presidential Primary — Transcript



Mitt Romney Delivers Remarks in Illinois

Mitt Romney goes on attack (Speech transcript, video)

Source: WaPo, 3-20-12
Thank you, Illinois! What a great night!

I’d like to congratulate my fellow candidates on a hard-fought contest. I’d like to thank our volunteers and our friends for their hard work and unwavering support. And, tonight, we thank the people of Illinois for their vote – and for this incredible victory.

Elections are about choices. And today hundreds of thousands of Illinois voters have joined millions across the country in our cause.

We began this movement on a small farm in New Hampshire on a sunny June day, surrounded by a small group of friends, family, and supporters. We shared a conviction that the America we loved was in trouble and adrift without strong leadership. Three years of Barack Obama had brought us fewer jobs and shrinking paychecks, but many of us believed we were in danger of losing something more than the value of homes and 401(k)s.

After the years of too many apologies and not enough jobs, historic drops in income and historic highs in gas prices, of a President who doesn’t hesitate to use all means necessary to force Obamacare on the American public but leads from behind in world affairs, it’s time to say, “Enough!”

We know our future is better and brighter than these troubled times. We still believe in America – and we deserve a President who believes in us.

Yesterday I gave a speech at the University of Chicago, not far from here and where Professor Barack Obama taught Constitutional Law. It was a speech on economic freedom and as I was writing it, I thought back to the lifetime of experiences I’ve had learning the unique genius of the American free enterprise system. It started when I was just a kid, and my dad, who never graduated from college, would tell me about his dad, who was a contractor and never quite made it but never gave up.

Later I helped start companies that began just as an idea and somehow made it through all the inevitable difficulties to create thousands of jobs. Those jobs helped families buy their first homes, put kids through school, live better lives, dream a little bigger.

For 25 years, I lived and breathed jobs, business, and the economy. I had successes and failures but each step of the way, I learned a little more about what it is that makes our American system so powerful.

You can’t learn that teaching Constitutional law. You can’t learn that as a community organizer. The simple truth is that this President just doesn’t understand the genius of America’s economy – or the secret of our success.

The American economy is fueled by freedom. Economic freedom is the only force that has consistently succeeded in lifting people out of poverty. It is the only principle that has ever created sustained prosperity.

But, over the last three years, this administration has been engaged in an assault on our freedom.

Under President Obama, bureaucrats prevent drilling rigs from going to work in the Gulf. They keep coal from being mined. They impede the reliable supply of natural gas. They even tell farmers what their 15-year-old sons and daughters can and can’t do on the family farm.

The administration’s assault on freedom has kept this so-called recovery from meeting their projections, let alone our expectations.

And now, the President is trying to erase his record with rhetoric. Just the other day, he said, “We are inventors. We are builders. We are makers of things. We are Thomas Edison. We are the Wright Brothers. We are Bill Gates. We are Steve Jobs.”

That’s true. But the problem is: he’s still Barack Obama. And under this President, those pioneers would have faced an uphill battle to innovate, invent, and create.

Under Dodd-Frank, they would have struggled to get a loan from their community bank.

A regulator would have shut down the Wright Brothers for their “dust pollution.”

And the government would have banned Thomas Edison’s light bulb. Oh, that’s right. They just did.

The real cost of these misguided policies are the ideas that are never pursued and the dreams that are never realized.

For centuries, the American Dream has meant the opportunity to build something new. Some of America’s greatest success stories are people who started out with nothing but a good idea and a corner in their garage. But today, Americans who want to start a new business or launch a new venture don’t see promise and opportunity. They see government standing in their way.

We once built the interstate highway system and the Hoover Dam. Today, we can’t even build a pipeline.

We once led the world in manufacturing, exports, and infrastructure investment. Today, we lead the world in lawsuits.

When we replace a law professor with a businessman, that will end.

Every great innovation, every world-changing business breakthrough begins with a dream. And nothing is more fragile than a dream. The genius of America is that we nurture these dreams and the dreamers. We honor them, and, yes, we reward them.

That’s part of what is uniquely brilliant about America. But day by day, job-killing regulation by job-killing regulation, bureaucrat by bureaucrat, this President is crushing the dream and the dreamers.

The proof is in this weak recovery. This administration thinks our economy is struggling because the stimulus was too small. The truth is our economy is struggling because the government is too big.

You and I know what President Obama still has not learned, even after three years and hundreds of billions of dollars in spending: The government does not create prosperity; prosperity is the product of free markets and free people.

This November, we face a defining decision. Our choice will not be one of party or personality. This election will be about principle. Our economic freedom will be on the ballot.

I am offering a real choice and a new beginning. I am running for President because I have the experience and the vision to get us out of this mess. We know what Barack Obama’s vision of America is – we’ve all lived it the last three years. Mine is very different.

I see an America where we know the prospects for our children will be better than our own; where the pursuit of success unites us, not divides us; when a government finally understands that it’s better for more to pay less in taxes than for a few to pay more; where the values we pass on to our children are greater than the debts we leave them; where poverty is defeated by opportunity, not enabled a government check.

I see an America that is humble but never humbled, that leads but is never led.

Today we took an important step toward that America. Tomorrow, we take another. Each day we move closer not just to victory but to a better America. Join us. Together, we will ensure that America’s greatest days are still ahead.

Thank you and God bless America.

Campaign Buzz March 20, 2012: Mitt Romney Wins Decisive Victory over Second Placed Rick Santorum in Illinois Republican Presidential Primary


By Bonnie K. Goodman

Ms. Goodman is the Editor of History Musings. She has a BA in History & Art History & a Masters in Library and Information Studies from McGill University, and has done graduate work in history at Concordia University. Ms. Goodman has also contributed the overviews, and chronologies in History of American Presidential Elections, 1789-2008, 4th edition, edited by Gil Troy, Fred L. Israel, and Arthur Meier Schlesinger published by Facts on File, Inc. in late 2011.


Damon Winter/The New York Times


Romney Wins Illinois Republican Primary, Exit Polls Say: Mitt Romney won a commanding victory over Rick Santorum in Illinois on Tuesday, providing new ammunition for his argument that the Republican nomination contest should quickly give way to a focus on defeating President Obama.
Mr. Romney bested his chief rival among many types of voters, winning among voters of all ages and most income groups. Mr. Romney drew the support of more moderate voters — as he has in the past — but also won among voters who said they were supportive of the Tea Party movement.
For Mr. Santorum, the loss was a missed opportunity to blunt Mr. Romney’s momentum. Mr. Santorum’s victories have mostly come in the south and Tuesday’s primary was a moment that he could have used to demonstrate strength elsewhere…. – NYT, 3-20-12

Mitt Romney wins Republican primary in Illinois: Mitt Romney has won the Republican presidential primary in Illinois by a wide margin over chief rival Rick Santorum.
The victory renews questions about Santorum’s viability as a candidate, but it is unlikely to shake up the general geometry of the race, as Santorum has vowed to soldier on in hopes of a comeback before the Republican National Convention in August…. – WaPo, 3-20-12

Live blog: Romney wins Illinois primary: At stake are 54 delegates. Romney is nearly halfway to the 1,144 needed for the GOP nod…. – USA Today, 3-20-12

Live Coverage of the Illinois Primary: Follow along for live updates, analysis, results and exit polls from the Illinois primary…. – NYT, 3-20-12

Live blog of Illinois primaryCNN, 3-20-12

  • CBS News: Romney to win Illinois primary: CBS News estimates that Mitt Romney will defeat Rick Santorum and his other rivals to take the Republican presidential primary in Illinois…. – CBS News, 3-20-12
  • Mitt Romney wins Illinois presidential primary: Mitt Romney scored a decisive victory over Rick Santorum in the Illinois primary on Tuesday, tightening his grip on the Republican front-runner’s slot and improving his chances of locking up the nomination by the end of the presidential…. – LAT, 3-20-12
  • Romney sweeps Illinois primary: Mitt Romney swept to another primary victory Tuesday night, capturing a big chunk of Illinois’ early GOP primary vote…. – USA Today, 3-20-12
  • Romney takes the lead in Illinois, looking to gain a little distance on Santorum in GOP race: Backed by a crushing television ad advantage, Mitt Romney jumped ahead of Rick Santorum in early returns from the Illinois primary Tuesday night, bidding for yet another industrial-state triumph in the race for the Republican…. – WaPo, 3-20-12
  • Exit poll shows huge Romney IL edge from GOP voters looking for candidate to beat Obama: Early exit polling in the Illinois primary is showing Mitt Romney enjoying a big edge among voters seeking a candidate to oust President Barack Obama. Romney is also taking a large lead among those worrying about the economy and federal…. – WaPo, 3-20-12
  • Illinois Votes in Rare Turn in Spotlight: The Illinois primary has largely come down to a battle between Mitt Romney, who leads in delegates, and Rick Santorum, and in recent days the two campaigned furiously across the state….. – NYT, 3-20-12
  • Illinois Republican Primary: Mitt Romney and his allies have pounded Rick Santorum on television and radio, especially in the expensive market of Chicago, where the suburban vote could prove decisive for Mr. Romney. Mr. Santorum was still hoping for a strong vote from downstate…. – NYT, 3-20-12
  • Illinois Primary: Live coverage: The Republican presidential primaries continue Tuesday in Illinois, the land of Lincoln and of President Obama — although, it should be noted, neither was born there. Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney hopes that Illinois will give him the kind of … – LAT, 3-20-12
  • Live blog: Romney banking on big llinois victory: We’re live blogging the results from the Illinois primary, where it’s essentially a two-man battle between Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum. Romney, the GOP front-runner, is hoping for a big win in President Obama’s home state … – USA Today, 3-20-12
  • Poll: Economy a top issue as Illinois voters head to polls: The economy appears to be a top issue for Illinois voters, just as it has been in other primary states…. – USA Today, 3-20-12
  • Illinois voters: Keep the primary going!: Even as the Washington Republican political establishment grumbles about the possible ill effects of an extended primary fight for the party’s presidential nomination, voters in today’s Illinois race seem perfectly content for the race to continue for … – WaPo, 3-20-12
  • Exit poll shows few IL voters worried about prolonged fight for GOP Presidential nomination: Even more months of battling for the Republican presidential nomination? Most voters in Tuesday’s Illinois primary have little problem with that, as long as their candidate wins. An exit poll of Illinois voters shows that around two-thirds…. – WaPo, 3-20-12
  • Illinois primary: Romney aims to restore inevitability aura: Mitt Romney is seeking a win in today’s Illinois Republican primary to restore the air of inevitability that once surrounded his presidential candidacy, as his closest rival Rick Santorum fights to stay viable with a strong…. – WaPo, 3-20-12
  • Santorum to speak tonight from Gettysburg: When TV cameras tonight record Rick Santorum’s speech after votes are counted in the Illinois primary, the GOP presidential hopeful won’t be anywhere in the Land of Lincoln. Santorum will be speaking from Gettysburg, Pa…. – USA Today, 3-20-12
  • Illinois primary: For Mitt Romney, delegates less important than ‘winning’: The Illinois primary Tuesday is an opportunity for Mitt Romney to extend his delegate lead on Rick Santorum. But a big win in the popular vote might be more important…. – CS Monitor, 3-20-12
  • Long GOP nomination fight worries few IL voters: A battle for the Republican presidential nomination that slogs on for months more? If that’s what it takes for their candidate to prevail, most voters in Tuesday’s Illinois GOP primary say it’s not a problem.
    Less than a third of them want the already prolonged GOP fight to end quickly, even if their favorite loses out, according to preliminary results of an exit poll Tuesday. About two thirds say they’re happy to let the contest continue for months more, as long as their candidate comes out on top.
    Illinois voters expressed that sentiment with the nomination fight already well into its third month and appearing likely to stretch into April and beyond…. – AP, 3-20-12
  • Five things to know about the Illinois presidential primary: On a balmy first day of spring, Illinois voters may be about to play a decisive role in a Republican presidential marathon that started in the winter chill in neighboring Iowa. 1. Voting early and often. It’s a tired political cliché…. – LAT, 3-20-12
  • CBS News early Illinois exit polls: 4 in 10 Romney, Santorum voters “have reservations”: More than four in ten of the people who voted for Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum in Tuesday’s GOP primary in Illinois “have reservations” about their choice, according to early CBS News exit polls.
    Forty-seven percent of Romney voters “strongly” favor their candidate, as do 44 percent of Santorum voters. But 41 percent of Romney voters and 44 percent of Santorum voters say they have concerns about their choice. Another one in ten supporters of each candidate say they dislike the other candidates.
    The exit polls also found that two in three Illinois GOP voters would prefer that their candidate win the nomination even if the race goes on a long time. Twenty-nine percent said they would prefer that the race end soon even if it means their candidate loses…. – CBS News, 3-20-12

Campaign Buzz March 18, 2012: Mitt Romney Decisively Wins Puerto Rico’s Republican Presidential Primary — Takes all 20 Delegates


By Bonnie K. Goodman

Ms. Goodman is the Editor of History Musings. She has a BA in History & Art History & a Masters in Library and Information Studies from McGill University, and has done graduate work in history at Concordia University. Ms. Goodman has also contributed the overviews, and chronologies in History of American Presidential Elections, 1789-2008, 4th edition, edited by Gil Troy, Fred L. Israel, and Arthur Meier Schlesinger published by Facts on File, Inc. in late 2011.



“Mitt Romney won the Puerto Rican primary by a huge margin and we are granting him the 20 delegates.” — Enrique Melendez, the Republican representative on the Puerto Rican State Electoral Commission

“This is a primary process where somebody had a huge advantage, huge money advantage, huge advantage of establishment support and he hasn’t been able to close the deal and even come close to closing the deal. That tells you that there’s a real flaw there.” — Rick Santorum

“I can’t tell you exactly how the process is going to work. But I bet I’m going to become the nominee.” — Mitt Romney

Romney wins Puerto Rico, GOP campaign continues: Mitt Romney scored an overwhelming win Sunday in Puerto Rico’s Republican presidential primary, trouncing chief rival Rick Santorum on the Caribbean island even as the two rivals looked ahead to more competitive contests this week in Illinois and Louisiana.
The victory in the U.S. territory was so convincing that Romney, the GOP front-runner, won all 20 delegates to the national convention at stake because he prevailed with more than 50 percent of the vote. That padded his comfortable lead over Santorum in the race to amass the 1,144 delegates needed to clinch the nomination.
Nevertheless, the GOP nomination fight is unlikely to end anytime soon, with Santorum refusing to step aside even though Romney is pulling further ahead in the delegate hunt…. – AP, 3-18-12


  • Mitt Romney wins GOP primary in Puerto Rico: Former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney has won Puerto Rico’s winner-take-all Republican primary and is projected to take the state’s 20 GOP convention delegates, AP reported…. – WaPo, 3-18-12
  • Romney the Winner in Puerto Rico: Mitt Romney picked up another victory with a decisive win in Puerto Rico, according to projections…. – NYT, 3-18-12
  • Romney Wins Primary in Puerto Rico: Mitt Romney won the Puerto Rican Republican presidential primary contest on Sunday, the Associated Press quoted an election official as saying…. – WSJ, 3-18-12
  • Romney wins Puerto Rico, GOP campaign continues: Mitt Romney scored an overwhelming win Sunday in Puerto Rico’s Republican presidential primary, trouncing chief rival Rick Santorum on the Caribbean island even as the two rivals looked ahead to more competitive contests … – USA Today, 3-18-12
  • Mitt Romney cruises to victory in Puerto Rico: Mitt Romney has easily won the Puerto Rico primary, continuing his dominance in GOP contests in America’s island territories. Romney went into the vote heavily favored, and with the backing of Gov. Luis Fortuno…. – LAT, 3-18-12
  • Puerto Rico votes; Romney, Santorum campaign in next-up primary states: The GOP presidential race veered offshore to Puerto Rico, where 20 delegates were in stake in Sunday’s primary but residents cannot vote in the general election. While fighting for votes in the US territory, Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum … WaPo, 3-18-12
  • Romney Projected Winner in Puerto Rico: Mitt Romney was projected Sunday as the winner of the Republican presidential primary in Puerto Rico, a winning streak he is aggressively working to repeat here in the Illinois primary on Tuesday…. – NYT, 3-18-12
  • Romney will win Puerto Rico’s GOP primary, CNN projects: Mitt Romney will win Sunday’s Republican presidential primary in Puerto Rico, CNN projects, based on vote results obtained from local party and election officials. At 7:22 pm ET, with about 18% … – CNN, 3-18-12
  • A look at Puerto Rico as it holds its primary: 75.8 percent white; 99 percent Hispanic or Latino origin; 0.2 percent Asian; 12.4 percent black; 7.8 percent other; 3.3 percent two or more races; 0.5 percent American Indian. 100000 (according to statistics from the 2000 primary…. – AP, 3-18-12
  • Newt Missed Puerto Rico Opportunity, Says His Island Chief: Why is the candidate with the strongest record on Hispanic issues poised to wash out on the island? If he had shown up, the race “would have been a lot closer,” Regis tells BuzzFeed’s McKay Coppins…. – BuzzFeed, 3-18-12
  • Romney would support statehood for Puerto Rico: Mitt Romney on Saturday shopped for tropical fruit and told a small crowd he would support statehood for the island if that option wins the Nov. 6 referendum on Puerto Rico’s political status. Puerto Rico is currently a US territory…. – AP, 3-18-12
  • The day before the island’s primary, Romney says he would support statehood: Mitt Romney is courting voters in Puerto Rico ahead of the island’s primary as he looks toward voting in Illinois next week. Romney on Saturday shopped for tropical fruit and told a small crowd he would support statehood for the … – WaPo, 3-18-12
  • Romney campaigns in Puerto Rican style, says he supports statehood if they want it: In Puerto Rico on Friday the Romney campaign found that politics here comes in a distinctly local flavor. Gone were the rusty factories, introductions to campaign theme song “Born Free,” and even the “thanks you guys” … –, 3-18-12
  • In Puerto Rico, Romney repeats Sotomayor criticism: Campaigning in Puerto Rico ahead of Sunday’s presidential primary, Mitt Romney refused to back off criticism of Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor and encouraged residents to speak English…. – AP, 3-18-12
  • Romney supports Puerto Rican statehood without English condition: After his main rival ignited a firestorm over requiring Puerto Rico to adopt English as a condition of statehood, Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney flew to the island … – CBS News, 3-18-12

Campaign Headlines March 16, 2012: Newt Gingrich tells CBS’s This Morning he has no plans to withdraw from the Republican Presidential race



Gingrich has no plans to withdraw from Republican primary

Source: AP, 3-16-12
Newt Gingrich_20110509104651_JPG

Republican presidential hopeful Newt Gingrich speaks to reporters at Piccolo Italia Ristorante April 20, 2011 in Manchester, New Hampshire. (Photo by Matthew Cavanaugh/Getty Images)

Despite only carrying two states in the race for the 2012 Republican presidential nomination, Newt Gingrich says he’s in for the long haul.

Gingrich told CBS’s “This Morning” he has no plans to pull out of the race before August’s convention in Tampa Bay, Florida.

But Gingrich says “I have 176,000 donors at  They want me to stay in the race.”…READ MORE

Campaign Headlines March 15, 2012: Final Republican Presidential debate in Oregon canceled after Mitt Romney, Rick Santorum drop out



Final Republican debate canceled after Romney, Santorum drop out

Source: Washington Times, 3-15-12

Organizers on Thursday canceled the final debate of the Republican presidential campaign season, slated for Monday, after two of the GOP’s four candidates declined to participate.

The affair, which was sponsored by The Washington Times, Oregon Public Broadcasting and the Oregon Republican Party, was to have taken place on Monday in Portland — and would have been the 21st debate of the primary.

But Mitt Romney, the field’s front-runner, said earlier this week he wouldn’t participate, and Rick Santorum, his chief opponent, couldn’t commit to the debate eitther…READ MORE

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