Melissa Walker: Haley’s history lesson suggests problems ahead

Source: The SC State, 1-17-11

I have spent the past six months trying to support the campaign and then the governorship of Gov. Nikki Haley. As a historian of women in the United States, nothing warms my heart more than when women gain seats at the tables of power. Though her politics were often a bit to the right of my own, and I had concerns about her grasp of the complexities of the issues facing our state and her overly partisan approach, I was happy that a woman and an Asian-American had been elected to the highest office in my state.

Unfortunately, Gov. Haley’s inaugural address destroyed any illusions I had that she had a good grasp of the state’s history and the challenges it faces in the coming four years. A competent governor ought to surround herself with competent researchers who will provide solid background for her speeches. Gov. Haley has failed right off the bat. Her inaugural address is riddled with inaccuracies and superficial statements about our state’s complex, rich and important history that suggest a shallow understanding of our past, present and future, undermining her credibility even before she has an opportunity to accomplish anything positive for our state…READ MORE

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