Hazel Hahn: First history professor installed as new McCone chair

Source: Seattle University Spectator, 1-19-11

1-18-11--News--HazelHahn--LindseyWasson--02Lindsey Wasson | The Spectator

The Pigott McCone chair is the Humanities chair of the business school. The goal of the chairperson is to enrich the learning of Albers students with cross-cultural education, knowledge that is often necessary in today’s business field.

Every two years, the College of Arts and Sciences recognizes a faculty member for outstanding scholarship with the Pigott-McCone Endowment. This faculty member is installed as a chair in the department and is elected two academic years to promote faculty achievement and further educational opportunities within his or her academic discipline. Last Tuesday marked the installation of Professor Hazel Hahn, the first member of the History department to be chosen.

Hahn, who joined the department as director of Asian Studies in 2000, plans to sponsor several events focusing on the representation of Asia within and outside of the continent through the spring of 2012 when another chair will be installed.

“I would like to sponsor interdisciplinary events that will excite and interest faculty across the campus,” Hahn said.

The events, she continued, will deal with the theme of Asia’s portrayal by the rest of the world, as well as internally. Specifically, the speakers and events will in some way address the “variety of ways in which Asia as a continent, and as an imagined construct, is represented both by Asians and non-Asians.”…READ MORE

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