Reagan Centennial: Ronald Reagan to be honored across Europe

Reagan to be honored across Europe

Source: USA TODAY, 5-23-11

President Ronald Reagan gives a thumbs up to a crowd Jan. 20, 1981, while first lady Nancy Reagan waves from a limousine during the Inaugural Parade in Washington.


Poland, Hungary, the Czech Republic and the United Kingdom are joining in the year-long centennial celebration of the late president Ronald Reagan’s 100th birthday with tributes that will include the unveiling of Reagan statues in London and Budapest.

The Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation announced events from June 27-July 4. In addition to the statues, highlights include a gala in Parliament’s Hunter Hall in Budapest, Hungary; a Mass of Thanksgiving in Krakow, Poland; a dinner and conference in Prague; and a black-tie gala in London.

“Ronnie would have been so touched that his centennial birthday is being celebrated in London and Central Europe,” said former first lady Nancy Reagan. “He felt a special bond with the people who struggled to be free and was so very thankful that Great Britain shared our commitment to bringing down the Iron Curtain. I know he would want these events to remind us all of the power of freedom.”

Former George W. Bush administration secretary of State Condoleezza Rice will represent Nancy Reagan at the events.

“President Reagan’s legacy of inspiring freedom changed the world,” Rice said. “It remains as relevant today as it was when the Berlin Wall fell and the Cold War ended “particularly in Central Europe where change as a result of Ronald Reagan’s leadership is still felt in a very personal way.”

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