Richard McCormick: Former Rutgers president to be paid $335,000 as history professor


History Buzz

We hope that when former Rutgers University president and future $335,000-a-year history professor Richard L. McCormick sits down to write his “What I did this summer” essay, it includes some soul-searching, and a sense that he should turn down the gig or do it for a whole lot less money.

It’s absurd that the retiring university president will earn so much to be a history professor. After stepping down as president next year, McCormick will take a year off — while being paid handsomely — before returning to the school as a history teacher.

It’s an outrageous expense, but the university is stuck: McCormick’s contract guaranteed that if he left the president’s post and returned to teach he could not be paid less than the highest-paid faculty member….READ MORE

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