Political Buzz September 2, 2011: President Barack Obama Tells EPA to Withdraw Proposed Smog, Ozone Standards


By Bonnie K. Goodman

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Obama tells EPA to withdraw proposed smog standards: President Obama pulled back proposed new national smog standards on Friday, overruling the Environmental Protection Agency in its efforts to compel states and communities to reduce air pollution. The move represents a win for the business community, which had lobbied to postpone the new restrictions until 2013 in light of the current economic downturn.

“But it is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to stopping Washington Democrats’ agenda of tax hikes, more government ‘stimulus’ spending, and increased regulations, which are all making it harder to create more American jobs.” — Speaker of the House John Boehner spokesman Michael Steel

“The president’s decision is good news for the economy and Americans looking for work. EPA’s proposal would have prevented the very job creation that President Obama has identified as his top priority.” — Jack Gerard, president and CEO of the American Petroleum Institute

  • Obama to drop smog initiative, GOP claims win: US President Barack Obama unexpectedly asked the Environmental Protection Agency on Friday to withdraw a plan to limit smog pollution, handing a big win to business and Republicans who have argued … – Reuters, 9-2-11
  • Obama overrules EPA, scraps plan to tighten smog rules: President Barack Obama on Friday scrapped his administration’s controversial plans to tighten smog rules, bowing to the demands of congressional Republicans and some business leaders. … – AP, 9-2-11
  • Obama asks EPA to back off draft ozone standard: President Obama Friday asked the Environmental Protection Agency to drop the development of controversial rules to cut smog levels, pleasing the business community but upsetting environmentalists.
    The business community and the Republican Party have loudly decried the possibility of more stringent rules on ground-level ozone, the main ingredient in smog, as job-killers.
    But to Obama’s environmental base, the decision to back down from the ozone rules was the latest in a string of decisions and signals that suggest to them that the administration is backing away from key anti-pollution initiatives before the 2012 election to court business and anti-regulation voters…. – LAT, 9-2-11
  • White House backs down on ozone rule: President Barack Obama announced Friday that his administration has abandoned its plans to set tougher smog standards after coming under fierce pressure from industry and congressional Republicans…. – Politico, 9-2-11
  • Obama backs off tough clean air regulation: President suspends a new ozone requirment after fierce criticism from Republican lawmakers — and after the economy posts zero new jobs in August…. – CNN, 9-2-11
  • Obama Asks EPA to Withdraw Proposed Ozone Rule: President Barack Obama, citing the nation’s struggling economy, asked the Environmental Protection Agency to withdraw an air quality rule that Republicans and business groups have said could cost tens … – WSJ, 9-2-11
  • Obama directs EPA to withdraw controversial proposed regulation on smog standards: President Barack Obama is directing his administration to withdraw a controversial proposed regulation updating government smog standards. The withdrawal comes two days after the White House identified seven proposed regulations…. – AP, WaPo, 9-2-11
  • Obama pulls back proposed smog standards, in victory for business: President Obama abruptly pulled back proposed new national smog standards Friday morning, overruling the Environmental Protection Agency’s efforts to compel states and communities nationwide to reduce local air pollution…. – WaPo, 9-2-11
  • Obama Withdraws Environmental Rules, Citing Business Burden: President Obama told the EPA today to withdraw proposed air quality legislation, citing the need to reduce regulatory burdens on businesses as the economy continues to recover…. – ABC News, 9-2-11
  • Obama Withdraws Proposed Regulation On Smog: Saying that “reducing regulatory burdens and regulatory uncertainty, particularly as our economy continues to recover” prompted his administration to rethink, President Obama just announced that he’s withdrawing proposed regulations … – NPR, 9-2-11
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