Full Text December 20, 2011: President Barack Obama’s Speech / Remarks on the Republican Congress’ Vote on the Payroll Tax Cut Extension at Press Briefing with Jay Carney

Political Buzz December 20, 2011: Congress Votes Against 2 Month Payroll Tax Cut Extension – House Rejects Senate Passed Plan by a Vote of 229-193


By Bonnie K. Goodman

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Stephen Crowley/The New York Times

House Republicans, led by Speaker John A. Boehner, asked President Obama to call the Senate back to Washington after the House voted down a two-month extension of the payroll tax cut.


House rejects Senate’s payroll tax plan: The House Tuesday rejected a bipartisan Senate compromise on extending a payroll tax holiday for two months along with extensions of unemployment benefits and Medicare payments to doctors.
In a 229-193 procedural vote that set aside the Senate bill and requested a formal conference with the Senate, House Republicans set up a showdown with the Democratic-controlled Senate and President Obama, who are demanding that the House approve the short-term plan now to avoid a tax hike on workers Jan. 1 and then negotiate a longer-term deal for the rest of 2012…. – WaPo, 12-20-11

  • Republicans in House Reject Deal Extending Payroll Tax Cut: House Republicans on Tuesday soundly rejected a bill approved by the Senate that would have extended the payroll tax cut for most Americans beyond the end of the year and allowed millions of unemployed people to continue receiving jobless … – NYT, 12-20-11
  • House GOP rejects 2-month payroll tax cut: Congress lurched toward Grinch-like gridlock on Tuesday as the Republican-controlled House rejected a two-month extension of Social Security tax cuts that President Barack Obama said was “the only viable way” to prevent a drop in take-home pay for 160 million workers on Jan. 1.
    “The clock is ticking, time is running out,” Obama said shortly after House voted 229-193 to request negotiations with the Senate on renewing the payroll tax cuts for a year.
    House Speaker John Boehner, told that Obama had sought his help, replied, “I need the president to help out.” … – AP, 12-20-11
  • Obama blasts GOP after House Republicans defeat two-month payroll tax cut: The House on Tuesday rejected a bipartisan Senate compromise to extend a payroll tax cut for two months, along with unemployment benefits, plunging Washington into uncertainty just days before Christmas about the fate of the tax cut enjoyed by 160 … – WaPo, 12-20-11
  • 11 House members miss vote that rejected two-month extension of payroll tax: Eleven lawmakers missed the House vote that rejected Senate legislation to extend a payroll tax cut and unemployment benefits for two months. Reps. Michele Bachmann of Minnesota and Ron Paul of Texas were campaigning Tuesday for the … – WaPo, 12-20-11
  • Obama blasts House GOP for blocking payroll tax cut extension: By Christi Parsons While members of Congress point fingers at each other for gumming up the payroll tax cut, President Obama is watching the bickering from the White House–where he is apparently happy to spend the holiday season until a deal gets done…. – LAT, 12-20-11
  • Boehner says Obama should tell Senate to bargain on payroll tax cuts, break impasse: House Speaker John Boehner says it’s time for President Barack Obama to help end Congress’ impasse over renewing the payroll tax cut and jobless benefits. The Ohio Republican said Tuesday that he wants Obama to call on the Democratic-led … – WaPo, 12-20-11
  • Obama: Republicans are forcing payroll tax hike: President Obama blasted House Republicans today for rejecting a Senate plan to extend the payroll tax cut for two months, saying that “a faction” of the GOP is forcing a tax hike on Americans next year. … – USA Today, 12-20-11
  • Obama directly calls out Boehner: Stop the games: This afternoon, after House Republicans voted to “disagree” with the Senate compromise extending the payroll tax cut, the brinksmanship took a sudden and dramatic turn. Obama made a surprise appearance before reporters and called out…. – WaPo, 12-20-11
  • House in session ‘as necessary’ over holidays as payroll tax fight remains unresolved: By Felicia Sonmez With the final battle of the 112th Congress still unresolved, the House adjourned on Tuesday and will meet “as necessary” over the holidays. The adjournment leaves in limbo the fate of a bipartisan package that would prevent… – WaPo, 12-20-11
  • Payroll tax cut extension in doubt amid House Republican uproar: The fate of a payroll tax cut extension backed by the White House and overwhelmingly passed by the Senate is uncertain after a restive House Republican conference expressed displeasure with the two-month deal…. – WaPo, 12-18-11
  • McCain: Payroll tax cut showdown ‘harming’ the GOP: Republican Sen. John McCain of Arizona said Tuesday the battle on Capitol Hill between Democrats and Republicans over extending the payroll tax cut was causing damage to the GOP. “It is harming the Republican Party,” McCain said on CNN…. – CNN, 12-20-11
  • Obama, Boehner square off in payroll tax fight: The congressional impasse over extending the payroll tax cut became a showdown Tuesday between President Barack Obama and House Speaker John Boehner. After the Republican-controlled House passed a measure calling for more … – CNN, 12-20-11
  • Obama, Boehner lock horns in payroll tax fight: President Barack Obama demanded on Tuesday that Republicans in the House of Representatives pass a short-term extension of a payroll tax cut, showing an unwillingness to back down in a fight … – Reuters Canada, 12-20-11
  • Payroll tax cut down to who blinks first: Just 11 days before 160 million Americans face a payroll tax increase, the fight has become a matter of which side blinks first.
    Congressional Democrats and President Barack Obama are betting Republicans concede out of fear they’ll get blamed for a middle class tax increase. Speaker John Boehner and his rowdy GOP conference are pressuring Democrats to come back to the negotiating table — but right now they’re negotiating alone. And Senate Republicans are surprisingly silent on the whole thing, having washed their hands of this year-end mess by backing the two-month payroll tax extension and jetting town…. – Politico, 12-20-11
  • House Vote Coming on Payroll Tax Cut Extension: NEIL CAVUTO, HOST OF “YOUR WORLD”: House Republicans are expected to vote down a two- month extension of the payroll tax cut just hours from now. House Speaker John Boehner saying it would only create more uncertainty for job creators…. – Fox News, 12-20-11
  • House GOP to reject two-month Senate payroll tax cut Tuesday in end-of-year: With the Senate adjourned for the holidays, House Republicans are moving to shelve a bipartisan two-month extension of the Social Security payroll tax cut that cleared the Senate over the weekend and are demanding instead that their fellow … – WaPo, 12-20-11
  • House speaker foresees extension of payroll tax cuts: House Speaker John Boehner told USA TODAY on Monday that he was optimistic that payroll tax cuts and unemployment benefits would be extended — despite a congressional stalemate that could result in millions of … – USA Today, 12-20-11
  • House conservatives end year as they spent it, revolting over a bipartisan bill on taxes: Sen. Mitch McConnell does not high-five easily or often. But a deal to keep American workers’ taxes from rising on Jan. 1 was reason enough for the coolest negotiator in the Senate to lift a hand on camera and slap — or pat — some skin. … – WaPo, 12-20-11
  • House Republicans, in turmoil, delay vote on payroll tax cut: Tempers grow short as hard-line conservatives remain opposed to a two-month extension that easily passed the Senate. Rep. Adam Kinzinger (R-Ill.) holds a news conference on the payroll tax vote with fellow House Republican freshmen at the US Capitol. … – LAT, 12-20-11
  • Boehner’s brinksmanship: The House speaker objects to the Senate payroll tax compromise, but his complaints about it ring hollow. Speaker of the House John Boehner answers reporters’ questions during a news conference on the payroll tax vote outside his office at the Capitol. … – LAT, 12-20-11
  • House Republicans intent on killing Senate payroll tax cut deal: House Republicans were gearing up to ditch a bipartisan Senate bill on Tuesday that would extend a federal payroll tax holiday for two months, charging that the deal represented the old ways of doing business that they were elected to change. … – WaPo, 12-20-11
  • Has Boehner lost control: First, John Boehner wanted the Senate to pass a payroll tax cut bill. Then, he wanted to make a show of killing it. Now, he won’t hold a House vote on it at all. In the last and biggest political test of a wild year — Boehner’s final exam for 2012 … – Politico, 12-20-11
  • House Set to Vote Down Payroll Tax Cut Extension: Under fire from senators in their own party, House Republicans on Tuesday prepared to reject a Senate measure to extend a payroll tax cut and unemployment benefits for millions of Americans for two months, and demanded that the Senate … – NYT, 12-20-11
  • House Republicans Refuse to Budge on Payroll Tax Cut: Despite fire from senators in their own party, House Republicans pushed for talks on a long-term bill…. – NYT, 12-19-11
  • Payroll Tax Cut Rejected by House Republicans: The House Republican leader’s rejection of a short-term, bipartisan Senate measure to extend a payroll tax break set the stage for a bitter year-end Congressional collision…. – NYT, 12-18-11
  • Extension of Payroll Tax Cut Passes Senate: A two-month extension of the payroll-tax holiday — should it get through the House — adds to a series of 11th-hour Congressional deals that simply pushed the issues involved forward…. – NYT, 12-17-11

Campaign Buzz December 20, 2011: Sarah Palin on Fox Business: Not Too Late to Jump into Republican Presidential Race



Sarah Palin: Not Too Late to Jump into Republican Race

Source: AP, 12-20-11

Sarah Palin

Sarah Palin says it’s not too late for someone to jump into the Republican presidential race.

Asked by Fox Business Network’s “Follow the Money” about the likelihood that she’d become a candidate, the former Alaska governor and 2008 GOP vice presidential nominee said it’s not too late for “folks” to jump in.

Said Palin: “Who knows what will happen in the future.”

The full interview is scheduled for broadcast Monday night.

Palin told Fox News Channel over the weekend that she felt no enthusiasm for anyone in the current GOP field and that she needed to feel something before she would offer an endorsement.

Palin said in October that she wouldn’t seek the GOP nomination. She said she could be more effective helping others get elected.

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