Campaign Buzz January 4, 2012: Senator & 2008 GOP Presidential Nominee John McCain Endorses Mitt Romney for 2012 GOP Republican Presidential Nomination


By Bonnie K. Goodman

Ms. Goodman is the Editor of History Musings. She has a BA in History & Art History & a Masters in Library and Information Studies from McGill University, and has done graduate work in history at Concordia University. Ms. Goodman has also contributed the overviews, and chronologies in History of American Presidential Elections, 1789-2008, 4th edition, edited by Gil Troy, Fred L. Israel, and Arthur Meier Schlesinger to be published by Facts on File, Inc. in late 2011.


Richard Perry/The New York Times

Senator John McCain endorsed Mitt Romney in Manchester, N.H. on Wednesday. More Photos »


McCain endorses Romney for the 2012 GOP presidential nomination: Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.), the 2008 GOP presidential nominee, endorsed former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney for the 2012 Republican nomination in New Hampshire on Wednesday.
“It’s with some nostalgia that I return to this place that I love so well, but I am really here for one reason and one reason only and that is to make sure that we make Mitt Romney the next president of the United States of America,” said McCain, who won the New Hampshire primary in 2000 and 2008. “And New Hampshire is the state that will catapult him to victory in a very short period of time.”

  • John McCain to endorse Mitt Romney in New Hampshire: John McCain, the Republican presidential nominee in 2008 and a two-time winner of the New Hampshire primary, plans to endorse Mitt Romney today in the nation’s first primary state, sources close to the Arizona … – LAT, 1-4-12
  • GOP official: John McCain to endorse Mitt Romney for Republican presidential nomination: A Republican official says that 2008 GOP nominee John McCain is endorsing Mitt Romney for the party’s 2012 nomination. The official was not authorized to speak publicly about the endorsement and requested anonymity to discuss it. … – WaPo, 1-4-12
  • McCain Expected to Endorse Romney in New Hampshire: Senator John McCain of Arizona is expected to endorse Mitt Romney on Wednesday in New Hampshire, giving the former Massachusetts governor a boost at a critical moment in the campaign…. – NYT, 1-4-12
  • Santorum says ‘moderate’ McCain’s endorsement of Romney not a surprise: In an interview with CNN’s Wolf Blitzer early Wednesday morning, former senator Rick Santorum (R-Pa.) said he has “nothing but respect” for Sen. John McCain and congratulated former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney (R) on winning … – WaPo, 1-4-12
  • McCain to Endorse Romney: Sen. John McCain, the 2008 Republican presidential nominee, will endorse Mitt Romney for the party’s 2012 nomination, a GOP official said. Mr. McCain’s endorsement is scheduled to be announced Wednesday, the official said. … – AP, WSJ, 1-4-12
  • McCain to endorse Romney in NH: Arizona Sen. John McCain is expected to endorse Mitt Romney on Wednesday according to reports. McCain, the GOP’s 2008 presidential nominee will travel to New Hampshire to endorse Romney… – The Hill, 1-4-12
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