Campaign Buzz January 19, 2012: CNN South Carolina Southern Republican Debate — Gingrich Gives & Takes Punches & Attacks


By Bonnie K. Goodman

Ms. Goodman is the Editor of History Musings. She has a BA in History & Art History & a Masters in Library and Information Studies from McGill University, and has done graduate work in history at Concordia University. Ms. Goodman has also contributed the overviews, and chronologies in History of American Presidential Elections, 1789-2008, 4th edition, edited by Gil Troy, Fred L. Israel, and Arthur Meier Schlesinger to be published by Facts on File, Inc. in late 2011.



Live Blog: CNN Southern Republican Debate: The CNN Political Ticker is live blogging the CNN Southern Republican Debate in Charleston, South Carolina…. – CNN, 1-19-12

“I am appalled that you would begin a presidential debate on a topic like that…. The story is false.” — Newt Gingrich

“I’m not questioned on character and integrity very often. I don’t feel like standing here for that.” — Mitt Romney

“I did my very best to be a pro-life governor. I will be a pro-life president.” — Mitt Romney

“Because I want to make sure that I beat President Obama.” — Mitt Romney

“Maybe. I don’t know how many years I’ll release. I’ll take a look at what our documents are.” — Mitt Romney

“Grandiosity has never been a problem with Newt Gingrich… I’m not the most flamboyant and I don’t get the biggest applause lines here, but I’m steady. I’m solid. I’m not going to go out and do things that you’re going to worry about.” — Rick Santorum

“I know we’re going to get hit hard from President Obama. But we’re going to stuff it down his throat and point out it is capitalism and freedom that makes America strong.” — Mitt Romney

“I’m very proud, that my wife of 54 years is with me tonight.” — Ron Paul

Long before Rick came to Congress, I was busy being a rebel…. I spent 16 years on a grandiose project called creating a Republican majority in the House. You’re right, I think grandiose thoughts. This is a grandiose country of big people doing big things.” — Newy Gingrich

South Carolina Republican debate: live: Live coverage of the build up to the South Carolina Republican debate, as Mitt Romney tries to suppress a surging Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum is declared the winner of the Iowa caucuses…. –, 1-20-12

    • Truth Squad: 4 checks on Thursday’s GOP debate: CNN examines statements by Republican presidential candidates during Monday night’s CNN Southern Republican Debate in Charleston, South Carolina…. – CNN, 1-20-12
    • FACT CHECK: History flubs in Republican debate: Mitt Romney perpetuated one unsubstantiated claim, about his record at Bain Capital, and more or less corrected himself on another, about President Barack Obama’s health care law, in the latest Republican presidential debate… – Fox News, 1-20-12
    • Fact checking the CNN debate in Charleston: Two debates in a week…and another two next week. This could get tiring. Here’s quick round-up of some of the more dubious or interesting claims at the CNN Debate in Charleston, examined in the order in which they … – WaPo, 1-19-12

Fact check: History flubs in Republican debate: Mitt Romney perpetuated one unsubstantiated claim, about his record at Bain Capital, and more or less corrected himself on another, about President Barack Obama’s health care law, in the latest Republican presidential debate.
His rivals flubbed history, Newt Gingrich blaming a Democratic president for a jobless rate he never had, and Ron Paul painting an idyllic picture of life before Medicare that did not reflect deprivations of that time.
A look at some of the claims in the debate Thursday night and how they compare with the facts…. – AP, 1-20-12

  • South Carolina debate in under 60 seconds (0:59): The number of presidential candidates was down to four at the CNN Republican debate in South Carolina…. – WaPo, 1-19-12
  • Republican debate brings out aggression in candidates: Republican debate getting spicy: South Carolina held the latest Republican debate and the candidates didn’t hold their punches…. – CS Monitor, 1-19-12
  • Gingrich Jousts With Rivals on Matters Professional and Personal: Newt Gingrich angrily turned aside questions about his marital history at the outset of the final Republican presidential debate before the South Carolina primary, and then aggressively took on Mitt Romney and the other remaining … – NYT, 1-19-12
  • At South Carolina GOP debate, four survivors spar; Gingrich adds host to the fray: In an electric debate here Thursday night, the four remaining Republican presidential candidates clashed sharply over who has the temperament, character and know-how to lead the party into a general election as they clamored… – WaPo, 1-19-12
  • Debate tops bizarre GOP day: Romney loses Iowa, Perry bows out, Gingrich’s ex: The race for the Republican presidential nomination took a turn toward the South Carolina surreal Thursday as Rick Perry dropped out, Newt Gingrich faced stunning allegations from an ex-wife and Mitt Romney struggled to maintain … – WaPo, 1-19-12
  • Republicans battle it out in South Carolina debate: The contest to decide which Republican will challenge President Obama for the White House is down to four contenders – Texas governor Rick Perry has now withdrawn. Newt Gingrich, considered to be the main challenger to the front runner, Mitt Romney…. – BBC News, 1-20-12
  • Newt Gingrich’s already-famous media rant, dissected: By Erik Wemple As long as this land sticks to quadrennial presidential elections, there’ll be quadrennial tributes to what Newt Gingrich accomplished tonight on CNN, at the last debate before Saturday’s South Carolina primary…. – WaPo, 1-19-12
  • Mitt Romney’s terrible, horrible, no good, very bad debate: This debate was fun to watch for exactly the same reason the Ancient Romans enjoyed watching Christians being fed to lions. Tonight, Santorum and Gingrich traded off lion duty, while Romney played the unfortunate believer.
    Thursday night, Newt Gingrich proved that there’s a reason his entire campaign can be summed up in the phrase, “I can beat Barack Obama in a debate.”… – WaPo, 1-19-12
  • Gingrich rips into media, then his rivals, in GOP debate: He blasts the moderator for asking a question about an ex-wife and then trades sharp jabs with Rick Santorum and front-runner Mitt Romney. Contenders for the Republican presidential nomination arrive onstage for their latest debate in South Carolina. … – LAT, 1-20-12
  • GOP presidential campaign weathers trio of potential shake-ups: Rick Perry drops out, Mitt Romney loses his claim to Iowa and Newt Gingrich faces new accusations of immorality from one of his ex-wives…. – LAT, 1-20-12
  • Romney’s ‘Prevent Defense’ Yielding Big Gains to Opponents: Most football fans have learned to hate the ‘prevent defense’, a strategy that is employed when a team holds a lead late in the game. In theory, the strategy involves being willing to yield short completions to the offense in an effort … – NYT, 1-20-12
  • GOP debate: Candidates recount campaign regrets: The four remaining GOP presidential candidates were asked at Thursday’s debate how they would have run their campaigns differently in hindsight. “I would skip the opening three months where I hired regular … – The Hill, 1-19-12
  • Republican Debate: Gingrich’s Grandiosity Withstands Santorum’s Attacks: But he’s no match for the Ego that ate the debate. By Michelle Cottle “Elect us, and your kids will be able to move out because they’ll have work!… – Daily Beast, 1-20-12
  • Republican Debate Audience Boos Mitt Romney Over Releasing Tax Returns: At Thursday night’s South Carolina Republican debate, Romney was put on the spot to release his tax returns before April, and when he balked, the crowd reacted disapprovingly…. – Mediate, 1-19-12
  • SOPA at Republican debate opposed by all four GOP candidates: All four Republican presidential candidates said at the debate Thursday night that they oppose the Stop Online Piracy Act in its current form…. – Politico, 1-19-12
  • Gingrich Knocks Media for ‘Open Marriage’ Questions at Republican Debate: “I am frankly astounded that CNN would take trash like that and use it to open a presidential debate,” he said. “The story is false.”… – Bloomberg, 1-19-12
  • Republicans remember Reagan. Bush? Oh, right: But there’s one thing you’d be hard pressed to find mentioned at a Republican debate. George W. Bush. (Who?) You’d think the last Republican president – you know, that two-termer who’s been out of the White House a scant three years – might come up … – WaPo, 1-19-12
  • CNN Defends Debate Schedule In Gearing Up For 17th Contest: Washington bureau chief Sam Feist got a call Thursday morning that would not only shake up the Republican primary but lead to some last-minute tweaks before CNN’s prime-time debate…. – Huff Post, 1-19-12
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