Campaign Buzz January 31, 2012: Mitt Romney Wins Republican GOP Florida Primary by a Wide Margin Over Newt Gingrich


By Bonnie K. Goodman

Ms. Goodman is the Editor of History Musings. She has a BA in History & Art History & a Masters in Library and Information Studies from McGill University, and has done graduate work in history at Concordia University. Ms. Goodman has also contributed the overviews, and chronologies in History of American Presidential Elections, 1789-2008, 4th edition, edited by Gil Troy, Fred L. Israel, and Arthur Meier Schlesinger to be published by Facts on File, Inc. in late 2011.


Todd Heisler/The New York Times
Mitt Romney speaking to supporters after winning the Florida primary on Tuesday night.


Florida Primary Results »

Candidate Votes Percent
Mitt-romney_38 Mitt Romney 734,256 46.7%
Newt-gingrich_38 Newt Gingrich 499,272 31.7
Rick-santorum_38 Rick Santorum 209,336 13.3
Ron-paul_38 Ron Paul 109,748 7.0
Others_38 Others 20,792 1.3
Full Results » 89% reporting

Live Coverage of the Florida Primary: Dispatches from New York Times reporters in Florida and elsewhere…. – NYT, 1-31-12

Romney Wins Big in Florida Primary: The commanding win offered a forceful response to the questions that were raised about Mitt Romney’s candidacy…. – NYT, 1-31-12

Mitt Romney wins Florida primary: Former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney won the Florida primary as voting finished Tuesday evening, a victory expected to cement his status as the Republican front-runner.
Voters picked Romney over former House speaker Newt Gingrich as the best positioned to take on President Obama in November.
With just over 50 percent of the precincts reporting, Romney was leading with 47 percent of the vote, followed by Gingrich with 31 percent, Rick Santorum with 13 percent and Ron Paul with 7 percent…. – WaPo, 1-31-12

Romney Wins Florida Primary, Regaining Momentum: Mitt Romney has won the Florida primary after aggressively beating back a challenge from Newt Gingrich and regaining momentum on his relentless march toward the Republican presidential nomination.
Interviews with voters as they exited the polls in Florida allow The New York Times to project that Mr. Romney will win the state by a wide margin over Mr. Gingrich, who will come in second. Ron Paul and Rick Santorum will finish the night behind the two leaders.
The campaign now shifts immediately to Nevada, which will hold its caucuses on Saturday. Mr. Gingrich has vowed to continue his battle against a man he calls “a Massachusetts moderate.” And Mr. Santorum and Mr. Paul have already left Florida to begin campaigning in the upcoming states…. – NYT, 1-31-12

  • Romney wins Florida primary: Mitt Romney rode a massive wave of TV ads to win Florida’s Republican presidential primary Tuesday, regaining his status as the party’s front-runner and easily outdistancing Newt Gingrich and … – USA Today, 1-31-12
  • Romney claims decisive victory in Florida: Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney claimed a decisive victory in the Florida primary Tuesday, as a conservative electorate chose Romney s the best positioned to take on President Obama in November over former House Speaker Newt Gingrich…. – WaPo, 1-31-12
  • Mitt Romney leads Newt Gingrich in first Florida returns in GOP primary race: With the first handful of precincts counted, Mitt Romney has jumped to an early lead in Florida’s Republican presidential primary, the biggest test so far in an increasingly negative race against Newt Gingrich. Early returns show Romney … – WaPo, 1-31-12
  • Analysis: With Florida victory, Romney shows he’s no soft, slow-footed target: Mitt Romney’s resounding win in the Florida GOP primary is a warning shot to any Democrats who think the former Massachusetts governor will be a soft target. Romney and his advisers showed dexterity, smarts and toughness in retooling his … – WaPo, 1-31-12
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