Campaign Headlines June 5, 2012: Mitt Romney Woos Hispanic Voters in Texas Speech After Dismal Jobs Report — Rips Obama’s Economic Policy, Vows to Be President of ‘All Americans’’





Romney Pitches to Hispanic Voters, Vows to Be President of ‘All Americans’

Source: ABC News Radio, 6-5-12

Joe Raedle/Getty Images

Making a rare stop in the Lone Star State Tuesday, Mitt Romney made a direct appeal to Hispanic voters, vowing that if elected, he would be the president of “all Americans, Hispanic and otherwise.”

“These have been particularly hard times,” said Romney, who spoke at the Hispanic-run Southwest Office Systems, the largest minority-owned, independent office supply dealer in the country.

“This Obama economy has been hard, particularly on Hispanic businesses and Hispanic-Americans, and I don’t know if you’ve seen the numbers recently, but did you know that the rate of unemployment among Hispanic-Americans rose last month to 11 percent?”

Romney, who has not paid an enormous amount of attention to the Hispanic vote during his campaign — last month he dedicated an entire speech at the Latino Coalition’s Annual Economic Luncheon to his education policy — Tuesday honed in on the issues facing Hispanic voters. His campaign released a Web video called “Dismal” to show the impact of Obama’s economic policies on Hispanics.

But it’s an uphill climb for Romney with Hispanic voters, and that was palpable in Texas Tuesday, when a small group of protestors chanting “Education not deportation” disrupted the event. Romney’s immigration plan includes what he called “self-deportation” to get illegal immigrants to return to their home countries, where they can then apply for legal citizenship.

And in an ABC News/Washington Post poll taken earlier this spring, 73 percent of Latinos supported Obama, compared with 26 percent for Romney….READ MORE

  • Romney seizes on job numbers to court hispanics: After Friday’s news that Hispanic Americans suffered a spike in unemployment to 11 percent in May, up from 10.3 percent in April, Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney on Tuesday made a renewed push for their support…. – CBS News, 6-5-12
  • Romney courts Latino voters in Texas: Mitt Romney brought his message directly to Hispanic voters on Tuesday, promising that as president he would “make sure this economy is good for all Americans, Hispanics and otherwise” as he campaigned in heavily Hispanic Texas…. – WaPo, 6-5-12
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  • Romney woos Hispanics over economy: Mitt Romney is using Hispanics’ double-digit unemployment rate to argue that the key voting bloc should support him instead of President Obama. Romney badly trails Obama with Hispanic voters…. – The Hill, 6-5-12
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