Campaign Headlines July 19, 2012: Florida Campaign Tour: President Barack Obama Faces Economic ‘Fundamentals’ in Florida




Tables Turned: Obama Faces Economic ‘Fundamentals’ in Florida

Source: ABC News Radio, 7-19-12

Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

…Now, as President Obama embarks on a two-day swing through Florida in pursuit of a second term, the tables are turned.

Obama is the one arguing that the fundamentals of the economy are on the right track, while Republican rival Mitt Romney says the anemic recovery from recession proves Obama wrong.

“President Obama has demonstrated that he ‘fundamentally’ doesn’t understand how the economy works and that he doesn’t believe in our free market system,” said Romney campaign spokesman Ryan Williams.  “After three and half disappointing years in office, President Obama has turned out to be nothing more than an economic lightweight who is incapable of delivering on the empty promises made by candidate Obama in 2008.”…READ MORE

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