Full Text Campaign Headlines September 21, 2012: Mitt Romney Releases More Tax Returns — Paid 14.1 Percent Tax Rate in 2011




Romney Releases 2011 Tax Returns

Source: NYT, 9-21-12

Mitt Romney paid 14.1 percent in taxes on his 2011 investment income, his campaign said, making good Friday on Mr. Romney’s promise to release his 2011 returns….READ MORE

Mitt Romney Paid 14.1 Percent Tax Rate in 2011

Mario Tama/Getty Images

After months of criticism for not being transparent enough as a presidential candidate, Mitt Romney has filed his 2011 tax returns which the campaign says shows the presidential candidate paid a 14.1 percent tax rate.

Romney paid $1.9 million in taxes on $13.7 million in income for the year 2011.

The rate falls in line with Romney’s estimate back in August that he had paid “13.6 [percent] or something like that.”

In a surprise move, the campaign will also release a summary of 20 years of returns. Romney had previously pledged to only release the two most recent years of returns….READ MORE

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