Campaign Headlines October 22, 2012: Barack Obama v. Mitt Romney: Who Won The 3rd Presidential on Foreign Policy? CNN/ORC Poll No Clear Winner




There was no clear winner of Monday’s presidential debate, according to a CNN/ORC poll of people who watched.

CNN Poll: Who won the debate?

CNN Poll: Who won the debate?
Source: CNN, 10-22-12

The details behind the CNN/ORC post-debate poll showing Obama over Romney, 48-40.

More of CNN post debate Poll: Can Obama handle job of Cmdr. in Chief? Yes: 63%. Can Romney? Yes: 60%. A draw on that Q.

A CNN/ORC International Poll following Monday’s presidential debate found those who watched the third and final head-to-head matchup of President Barack Obama and Mitt Romney did not identify a clear winner.

Debate viewers split 48% for Obama and 40% for Romney in the poll, a margin within the sampling error of plus or minus 4.5%

A majority – 59% – of those who watched the Boca Raton, Florida debate thought Obama performed stronger than expected, while 15% thought he was weaker than expected and 23% thought he performed on par with their expectations.

Romney outperformed the expectations of 44% of debate watchers, while 26% thought he performed weaker than expected and 26% said he performed on par with expectations….READ MORE

Poll: Obama wins final presidential debate

Source: CBS News, 10-22-12

In a poll of 521 uncommitted voters conducted immediately after the final presidential debate, 53% of these said President Obama was the winner, 23% think Romney won, another 24% feel the debate was a tie.

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