Campaign Headlines October 29, 2012: Hurricane Sandy Changes Barack Obama Obama, Mitt Romney Campaign Plans




Hurricane Sandy Wallops Obama, Romney Campaign Plans

Source: ABC News Radio, 10-29-12

William Thomas Cain/Bill Pugliano/Getty Images

With eight days to the election and the race locked in a dead heat, Hurricane Sandy has forced President Obama and Republican nominee Mitt Romney to abruptly change the course of their campaigns and prepare their response to a potentially devastating storm.

Obama, who flew out of Washington, D.C., Sunday night ahead of Sandy, cancelled his appearance at a planned Monday morning rally in Orlando, Fla., with former President Bill Clinton to return home to monitor the federal government’s response to the storm.

Romney, meanwhile, plans to keep his campaign at full throttle in three swing states on Monday, with stops in Avon Lake, Ohio; Davenport, Iowa; and West Allis, Wis….READ MORE

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