Campaign Headlines November 5, 2012: If Mitt Romney loses…the Presidential Election




If Romney loses…

Source: Politico, 11-5-12

Mitt Romney is shown here. | AP Photo

If Romney loses, the GOP will have to go through a painful process of self-examination | AP Photo

For Republicans, the only thing harder than losing to Barack Obama might be explaining it.

By any reasonable standard, Obama is a seriously vulnerable incumbent: a president overseeing a limping economy, whose party got thumped in the 2010 midterm elections and whose signature accomplishment of health care reform is highly controversial. Whatever his strengths on national security and personal likability, Obama probably began the 2012 campaign as the most beatable sitting president in 20 years.

So if Obama manages to defeat Mitt Romney on Tuesday, the Republican Party will have to go through a painful process of self-examination and internal debate in order to explain what went so badly wrong.

The debate won’t just be fodder for political obsessives: It will also determine how Republicans approach governing next year and how the party campaigns in 2014, 2016 and beyond….READ MORE

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  1. Cheryl

     /  November 5, 2012

    If and I say If Romney loses this campaign…the Republican Party can thank themselves!! I do mean the BASE!!! They sat on national TV for MONTHS and did nothing but pick apart and critisize their candidate! It wasn’t until the last month that they were “fully” behind him. And the Tea Party was COMPLETELY invisible throughout MOST of the entire campaign with ONLY supporting their personal agenda! Palin was invisible and did NOTHING! and the list goes on! Romney has done what he did ALL BY HIMSELF!! Basically, and that is why HE deserves to win this campaign! NOT the Republican Party! They as a party are such a bunch of individual ego trips! And if that does NOT change the Party will remain as ineffective as they have for years! The types of candidates that they put up for instance in the senate are some of the nuttiest bunch of people we have ever seen…they shoot themselves in the foot every time they open their mouths! If Romney wins this he will have a tough time because he will have to deal with idiots on every side of him! I wish him the very best as he IS a great candidate and will make a great President!!


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