History Buzz February 6, 2013: Remembering President Ronald Reagan at 102: Things You Might Not Have Known


History Buzz


Remembering President Ronald Reagan

Source: ABC News, 2-6-13

PHOTO: Former U.S. President Ronald Reagan speaks at a rally for Senator Durenberger February 8, 1982.
Michael Evans/The White House/Getty Images

On February 6, 1984, on his 73rd birthday, President Ronald Reagan said, “Birthdays are special moments, and you’ve given me one today. But I must tell you, even though this is the 34th anniversary of my 39th birthday, those numbers don’t faze me at all. I believe Moses was 80 when God first commissioned him for public service. And I also remember something that Thomas Jefferson once said. He said, ‘We should never judge a president by his age, only by his works.’ And ever since he told me that, I’ve stopped worrying.”

The President

Reagan, at age 69, was the oldest person elected to a first term.

Here are some things to remember about the 40th president:

PHOTO: Candidates in Movies
AP Photo

The Star

As a young boy Ronald’s nickname was “Dutch.” The nickname was given to him by his father, Jack Reagan, because of his Dutchboy haircut.

PHOTO: Newlyweds Ronald Reagan and Nancy Reagan cut their wedding cake at the Holden's house in Toluca Lake, California on March 4. 1952.

Ronald Reagan Library

The Husband

Regan married two different actresses and had a daughter and a son with each.

PHOTO: President Ronald Reagan gestures during a news conference in the White House East Room on June 15, 1984, Washington, D.C.
Ira Schwarz/AP Photo

The Soldier

Reagan enlisted in the Army Reserve and was commissioned a second lieutenant.

PHOTO: Ronald Reagan (1911-–2004), wearing a beige jacket with dark blue shirt with a wide collar, and his wife, Jane Wyman (1917-2007), U.S. actress, wearing a red coat with a dark blue neckscarf and black leather gloves, both smiling, circa 1945.

Silver Screen Collection/Getty Images

The Ex- Husband

Reagan is the only U.S. president to have divorced his wife. Reagan and Jane Wyman divorced in 1947.

PHOTO: Newly elected President Ronald Reagan dances with his wife Nancy at the Inaugural Ball on Jan. 20, 1981.

Dirck Halstead/Getty Images

The Candy Lover

President Reagan was known for his penchant for Jelly beans. His favorite Jelly Belly flavor was licorice.

PHOTO: File photo of former U.S. President Ronald Reagan as he prepares a speech at his desk in the Oval Office April 28, 1981.
Michael Evans/The White House/Getty Images

The Lefty

Ronald Reagan was left handed. James Garfield, Herbert Hoover, Henry Truman, Gerald Ford, George H.W. Bush, Bill Clinton and Barack Obama were also lefty commander in chiefs.

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