Campaign Buzz 2016 March 1, 2016: Super Tuesday Republican & Democratic Delegate Count




Super Tuesday Delegate Count

Republican Party

Trump is leading in the delegate count; he won 237 of the 595 available on Super Tuesday, giving him a total of 315 delegates. Cruz is in second place winning 209 delegates on Tuesday, and he now has a total of 226 delegates. Rubio is third; he won 94 delegates on Tuesday and only has 110 in total. To clinch the Republican nomination, a candidate needs to amass 1,237 delegates.

Democratic Party

Clinton leads in the delegate count she amassed 492 delegates on Super Tuesday while Sanders garnered 330. In total, Clinton has 1,055 delegates a number that includes most of the available superdelegates. In contrast, Sanders has only 418 delegates and a minimal amount of superdelegates.  Without superdelegates, Clinton has 595 delegates to Sanders 405 delegates. A Democrat needs 2,383 delegates to clinch the nomination.

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