Campaign Headlines July 18, 2012: The Tea Party Nominates Sen. Marco Rubio as their Choice for the 2012 Republican Vice-Presidential Nominee




Exclusive: Marco Rubio ‘Honored’ By Tea Party’s VP Nod

Source: ABC News Radio, 7-19-12

ABC News

Sen. Marco Rubio today got the nod to be the 2012 Republican vice presidential nominee — from the nation’s largest Tea Party group, not Mitt Romney.

The Florida senator — the only Republican whom Romney has confirmed is being vetted for a No. 2 spot on the ticket — was the top preferred choice of thousands of surveyed Tea Party Express members, the group announced today.

“It is not a big surprise that Marco Rubio is the favorite candidate of the tea party for the vice-presidential nod.  He ran as a strong fiscal conservative, and he has delivered with his record in the U.S. Senate for the last two years,” said the group’s president Amy Kremer in a statement. “The only surprise is that he led the other excellent candidates by such a wide margin.”…READ MORE

Campaign Headlines May 25, 2012: Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush Says Gay Marriage Is ‘Distraction’ From Economy in Speech at a Foreign Ministry Agency in Taipei, Taiwan




Jeb Bush Says Gay Marriage Is ‘Distraction’ From Economy

Source: ABC News Radio, 5-25-12

Paul Zimmerman/WireImage

On a three day visit to Taiwan, Jeb Bush said the economy is the number one issue in the United States, calling same sex marriage a “distraction” in the presidential campaign.

The former Florida governor made the comments at a question and answer session Friday after giving a speech at a foreign ministry agency in Taipei, according to the  Focus Taiwan News Channel. Earlier this month, in an exclusive interview with ABC News’ Robin Roberts President Obama announced his support of same sex marriage.

Despite repeated comments that he’s not interested in the job, Bush — the son of one president and brother of another — is still high on veepstakes lists and this trip to Taiwan will do nothing to dissuade the vice-presidential chatter.

Bush got high marks from a Tampa Bay Times’ survey of more than 100 Democratic and Republican Florida political insiders. They say Mitt Romney should pick someone from Florida to be his number two, and that it should be Bush, not Florida Sen. Marco Rubio….READ MORE

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