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I wrote for the online publication Examiner.com from June 2013 until July 2016 when it closed down. I was the Montreal Politics, Canada Universities, Judaism and News Examiner. In the three years, I wrote 1,124 articles for Examiner.com.

In Politics, I emphasized American politics, covering Barack Obama’s presidency, Congress, the 2013 government shutdown, the unemployment benefits extension struggle, the 2014 midterm election, and 2016 presidential primary campaign that saw Donald Trump emerge as the Republican nominee and Hillary Clinton as the Democratic nominee. Additionally, I wrote on Canadian and Israeli politics.

For Universities, I covered university and education news, including the annual college rankings and college admissions process and issues high school seniors face.

In Judaism, I covered a broad range of topics including the struggles of the Women of the Wall in Israel, the American and Canadian Jewish communities and their federations, as well as Hebrew manuscripts’ exhibitions and auctions.

For News, I covered the broadest array of topics, from breaking news, crime to human interest, entertainment, and sports news particularly horse racing, champion horses American Pharoah and California Chrome who captured the nation’s heart and altered the sport


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