Full Text January 30, 2012: President Barack Obama Hangs Out With America YouTube and Google+ Interview



Hangout with President Obama

President Obama answered questions about the State of the Union posed by citizens in the first-ever completely virtual interview from the White House

President Obama participates in a Google+ Hangout at the White House

President Obama participates in a Google+ Hangout at the White House, White House Photo, Pete Souza


President Obama Hangs Out With America

Source: WH, 1-30-12
President Obama on Google+President Barack Obama participates in an interview with YouTube and Google+ to discuss his State of the Union Address, in the Roosevelt Room of the White House, Jan. 30, 2012. The interview is held through a Google+ Hangout, making it the first completely virtual interview from the White House. (Official White House Photo by Pete Souza)

Just after 5:30 PM ET today, President Obama sat down for a discussion with a group of Americans from across the country in a Google+ Hangout. It was the first online conversation to happen at the White House in real time — ever.

Even before the event, more than 227,000 people had taken time to participate — submitting questions for the President to answer or voting for their favorite.

If you missed any of the action, check over the full video HERE

White House Recap January 21-27, 2012: The Obama Presidency’s Weekly Recap — President Obama Delivers 2012 State of the Union Address & Presents the Blueprint for an America Built to Last



This week, the President prepared for and delivered his State of the Union Address, welcomed the Boston Bruins to the White House, and took his message West to Iowa, Arizona, Nevada, and Colorado.

West Wing Week

Weekly Wrap Up: An America Built to Last

Source: WH, 1-27-12

State of the Union: In his third State of the Union Address on Tuesday, the President outlined his vision for “an America that lasts”—one that will bring about a new era of American manufacturing, and promote homegrown and alternative energy sources—and presented a blueprint to achieve that vision. Check out this video that goes behind the scenes as President Obama prepared the speech.

Blueprint for Manufacturing: During his visit to New Hampshire following Tuesday’s State of the Union address, Vice President Biden highlighted the Administration’s plan to help businesses bring jobs back to America through manufacturing. He echoed the President’s message that we need to commit to train workers with the skills they will need to compete in the growing sectors of our economy.

Talking Energy in Las Vegas: From a UPS facility in Las Vegas, the President spoke about the future of American-made energy. “[Even] with all this oil production, we only have about 2 percent of the world’s oil reserves,” the President said, “So we’ve got to have an all-out, all-in, all-of-the-above strategy that develops every source of American energy—a strategy that is cleaner and cheaper and full of new jobs.”

#WHchat: Throughout the week, more than thirty administration officials have answered questions about President Obama’s State of the Union Address and issues Americans care about through a series of Office Hours on Twitter—addressing queries about everything from the economy to disability policy. Vice President Biden—known in the twitterverse as @VP—answered questions submitted by people across the country in his first-ever Twitter interview from an advanced manufacturing facility in Rochester, New Hampshire.

NHL Champs: On Monday, the President welcomed the Boston Bruins to the White House and congratulated them on their Stanley Cup victory in June—marking the team’s sixth Cup championship, and their first one in nearly forty years. Their triumph, the President said, “proved that teamwork is everything.” After their visit to the White House, the players led a hockey clinic—affirming that being a champion doesn’t end when you hang up your skates.

Full Text President Barack Obama’s “The Blueprint for an America Built to Last” PDF

An America Built to Last

Source: WH, 1-24-12

President Obama delivers the 2012 State of the Union President Barack Obama delivers the State of the Union address in the House Chamber at the U.S. Capitol in Washington, D.C., Jan. 24, 2012. (Official White House Photo by Chuck Kennedy)

As President Obama spoke tonight, the phrase he returned to again and again was “building an America that lasts.”

We’ve put together a Blueprint that outlines the ideas in tonight’s State of the Union and shows what it will take to achieve that vision. Check it out.

Right now, a group of policy experts and senior White House staff are discussing the speech and answering your questions on WH.gov/live.

And later tonight, we’ll share video of the President’s remarks and a transcript so you can read every line.

Be sure to check back.

Learn more

The Blueprint for an America Built to Last

Source: WH, 1-24-12

Blueprint for an America Built to Last

Tonight, the President outlined a series of ideas to build an economy that works for everyone, one that will bring about a new era of American manufacturing, and promote homegrown and alternative energy sources.

Taken together, those ideas represent a blueprint for the future.

For decades, economic security for the middle class has been unraveling. Jobs that were once the source of stable livelihoods were shipped overseas. Those at the very top watched their incomes skyrocket, while the majority of Americans were stuck with stagnant salaries and rising costs. And all of this was happening before the worst economic crisis in generations.

What’s it going to take to address this crisis?

We need to promote new skills and better education so that all Americans are prepared to compete in a global economy. That’s why, tonight, the President said every state should require all students to stay in high school until they earn a diploma or turn 18. That’s why the President called for a new partnership between community colleges and businesses to help train and place 2 million skilled workers.

We need to put a new emphasis on American manufacturing. That means refocusing our corporate tax structure to reward businesses who work to keep jobs in the United States, and end tax incentives for corporations that outsource. That means getting tough on trade enforcement and rebuilding American infrastructure.

We need to promote homegrown, American energy. That’s why President Obama supports finding ways to develop the extensive natural gas reserves we have in the United States, and is calling for new ways to create clean energy jobs.

And above all, we have to restore a basic sense of fairness to our economic system. We need to revamp our tax system — ending subsidies for millionaires and billionaires and protecting working families from a tax hike. We need to give every responsible homeowner the opportunity to refinance their mortgage at the current historically low interest rates. We need to make sure that Wall Street plays by the same rules as the rest of us.

Today, the economy is growing again. Over the past 22 months, businesses have created 3.2 million jobs. But it’s going to take more to keep moving forward, and that’s the goal of President Obama’s blueprint.

Check it out.

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