Campaign Buzz February 16, 2012: Joseph Kennedy III Announces Bid for Congress — Declares “I’m Running” for Massachusett’s 4th Congress District Seat Held by Retiring Barney Frank


By Bonnie K. Goodman

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AP Joseph Kennedy III is formally jumping into the race for a Massachusetts congressional seat.


Joe Kennedy Exploratory Committee: Official site of the Joe Kennedy Exploratory Committee. Joe Kennedy is exploring a run for Congress in the Massachusetts 4th Congressional District…. –

Joseph P. Kennedy III: I’m Running: I am running for Congress in the 4th Congressional District. Please watch my announcement video…. – YouTube, 2-16-12

Joseph Kennedy III announcing Mass. Congress bid: Joseph Kennedy III said Wednesday he’s formally jumping into the race for the congressional seat now held by retiring U.S. Rep. Barney Frank.
“I believe this country was founded on a simple idea: that every person deserves to be treated fairly, by each other and by their government, but that’s not happening in America anymore,” Kennedy, a Democrat, said ahead of an announcement scheduled for Thursday.
He said he would work hard to earn every vote and if elected would “bring that fight for fairness to the U.S. Congress.”
Kennedy, the son of former U.S. Rep. Joseph Kennedy II and a grandson of the late Robert F. Kennedy, recently moved from Cambridge to Brookline, part of the state’s newly redrawn 4th Congressional District…. – AP, 2-15-12

  • Joe Kennedy III declares ‘I’m running’: Joseph P. Kennedy III formally declared his candidacy for Congress this morning through a video on his Web site in which he touted his support for the common worker and his family’s rich political bloodline.
    Simply titled “I’m Running,” the 2-minute, 50-second spot gives voters in the 4th Congressional District their first official look at Kennedy’s campaign priorities: rebuilding infrastructure, a “21st century energy economy” and easing the tax burden on the middle class.
    “You can always count on me to fight for small businesses, seniors, veterans and for you, to make sure you get the constituent service you’ve come to expect,” Kennedy said.
    “My family has had the great privilege of serving Massachusetts before,” Kennedy said. “They taught me that public service is an honor, given in trust, and that trust must be earned each and every day. That’s exactly what I intend to do.”…. – Boston Herald, 2-16-12
  • Another Kennedy Kicks Off a Campaign: Joseph P. Kennedy III is seeking the seat now held by Representative Barney Frank, who is retiring…. – NYT, 2-16-12
  • Kennedy Returns to Massachusetts Politics in Congress Bid: Joseph P. Kennedy III, a grandson of Robert F. Kennedy, brought the family name back into the political spotlight today by announcing his candidacy to replace retiring US Representative Barney Frank of Massachusetts…. – Bloomberg, 2-16-12
  • The Kennedy family’s politicians: A number of members of the famous family have gone on to a career in politics. Joseph Kennedy III greets onlookers at the Newton Center Green Line MBTA station in Newton, Mass. Kennedy launched his campaign for the Massachusetts congressional seat now … – WaPo, 2-16-12
  • Entitlement absent from Kennedy campaign: Rep. Barney Frank, D-Mass., praises Joe Kennedy III as an “engaging” guy and good campaigner who understands the issues. But, Rep. Frank insists, the Kennedy name isn’t why he should win…. – MSNBC, 2-17-12
  • Will Massachusetts elect another Kennedy?: It’s been less than three years since the death of Sen. Ted Kennedy and when Rep. Patrick Kennedy retired in 2011 it Massachusetts without a Kennedy in Congress, something that hadn’t happened for … – Boston Herald, 2-17-12
  • Kennedy name gives candidate early boost: Joe Kennedy III just had to consider running for Congress for his fundraising to kick into high gear.
    The prospect of the grandson of Robert F. Kennedy and son of former Rep. Joe Kennedy II taking outgoing Rep. Barney Frank’s seat in Massachusetts’s 4th Congressional District has the political money world buzzing.
    Part of it is in the name: The 31-year-old lawyer is just what Washingtonians long for in an old-fashioned Kennedy — Harvard law degree, a Peace Corps stint, time spent fighting corruption as a prosecutor and even an attractive fiancée.
    The package of pedigree plus bona fides has attracted support from the Kennedy network, big Democratic donors and K Street — people who can’t resist a little taste of Camelot…. – Politico, 2-15-12
  • Joseph Kennedy III announcing congressional campaign today: The announcement will be followed by visits to five locations across the Fourth Congressional District. Joseph P. Kennedy III, the grandson of Robert F. Kennedy and the son of former US Representative Joseph P. Kennedy II, will formally … – Boston Globe, 2-15-12
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