Cliff J. Doerksen: Northwestern University professor remembered for “unusual” career

Source: Daily Northwestern, 1-5-11

Cliff Doerkson Courtesy of Elizabeth Gomez/Chicago Reader

Despite his academic reputation, Cliff J. Doerksen will be best remembered for his quick-witted, eclectic humor.

The Northwestern professor, historian and journalist died in his Oak Brook apartment from unknown causes on Dec. 17. He was 47.

Doerksen didn’t teach for long at NU, having started at the Harvey Kapnick Business Institutions Program  last spring. Still, the professor, who was to teach a class on the history of advertising this quarter, deeply affected those who knew him.

Doerksen was born in 1963 in Alberta, Canada, but he also lived in Winnipeg and Nova Scotia, as his family moved frequently. Fluent in both French and English, he attended Concordia University in Montreal, where he became interested in history. Doerksen went on to attend Princeton University, where he received a Ph.D. in American history and met his wife….READ MORE

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