Dorothy Millar: SVSU faculty receive Braun Fellowship to study special education, Civil War

Source: Midland Daily News, 1-24-11


A special education scholar and a Civil War historian have been awarded the Braun Fellowship to pursue their research.

Dorothy Millar, professor of educational technology and development, and Paul Teed, professor of history at Saginaw Valley State University, MI will each receive research support grants totaling up to $37,500 over the next three years. Funds can be used for research expenses, equipment, travel and/or other related support.

Millar plans to author a book on youth and young adults with disabilities and how family members or guardians can work with them toward achieving self-determination. She also intends to design activities and produce assessment tools to aid educators, health providers and others.

Teed plans to author a book on the partnership of Joseph and Harriet Hawley, a married couple during the Civil War. Joseph Hawley served as a Union general and relied heavily upon his wife, who traveled to the front lines of the battlefield, uncommon for women of that time….READ MORE

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