Campaign Headlines October 29, 2012: Mitt Romney’s Camp Eyes Hurricane Sandy as Storm Garners Voters’ Attention




Romney Camp Eyes Sandy as Storm Garners Voters’ Attention

Source: ABC News Radio, 10-29-12

J.D. Pooley/Getty Images

One of Mitt Romney’s senior advisers said on Sunday that despite impending wall-to-wall news coverage dedicated to Hurricane Sandy, he feels confident that voters in the key swing states in the region have received enough information ahead of the election and reiterated the campaign’s focus on the safety and well being of those in the storm’s path.

“For people that are living in these states that are going to be impacted you know they’re trying to get as much information about what they can do to keep their families and their properties safe,” said senior adviser Kevin Madden when asked about the possibility that storm coverage could make it harder for the campaign to get their message out to voters in the crucial final days before the election.  “And I think that’s an important priority for them.  It’s been a long campaign I think a lot of folks have gotten a lot of information about the two candidates and so we have a certain degree of confidence that we’ve delivered a message to voters.”…READ MORE

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