History Buzz November 25, 2011: Don Young & Douglas Brinkley: Alaska congressman, professor continue dispute


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Source: Anchorage Daily News, 11-25-11

The feud between Alaska Congressman Don Young and prominent historian Douglas Brinkley that started at a House committee hearing last Friday has continued, with Brinkley calling Young a bully and a “low-grade Joseph McCarthy.”

Young, for his part, maintains that Brinkley is just a publicity hound who is trying to boost sales for his books.

Video of the nasty exchange between Brinkley and Young during last Friday’s committee hearing over drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge went viral on the Internet. It was featured Tuesday on NBC’s “Nightly News” broadcast, with anchor Brian Williams dubbing it “moment of the week on Capitol Hill. … It goes very haywire very quickly.”…

Brinkley did not respond to an interview request from the Daily News this week. But he’s continued to poke Young in Lower 48 media. He told a television station in Houston, where Rice is located, that his students applauded when he walked into class.

“I have received now hundreds and hundreds of emails from people all over, I’ve not received one negative one,” he said. “I’ve had my entire Rice University and including Texas conservatives cheering me on for standing up to his bullying tactics.”A Minneapolis online news site quoted Brinkley this week calling Young a “menacing blowhard” and a “low-grade Joseph McCarthy,” referring to the infamous 1950s politician who bullied congressional witnesses and claimed widespread communist subversion of American public life….

Young spokesman Miller said this week that Brinkley was given his full time to testify and then repeatedly interrupted and was disrespectful. Miller said that Young has received positive feedback following the blowup with Brinkley.

“While reaction from the Lower 48 has been mixed, much of the feedback our office is receiving from Alaskans has been supportive of Congressman Young. In fact, many have simply been saying ‘Go get ’em Don,'” he said.

Douglas Brinkley: Historian argues with Alaska Rep. Don Young during Congressional hearing

Rep. Don Young and historian Douglas Brinkley argued during a Congressional hearing Friday after Brinkley testified in support of keeping the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge off-limits to oil development and Young used the word “garbage” and called him “Dr. Rice,” confusing Brinkley’s name with that of the university where he teaches, Rice University in Texas.

Brinkley, who recently wrote a book about the conservation movement in Alaska, said he would like to see President Obama create a new national monument in ANWR to prevent future development on the coastal plain, which geologists say is the most promising on-shore prospect for oil development in the nation.

He said the monument should be named after President Eisenhower, for his role in creating the wildlife range….READ MORE

Watch Brinkley video here

History Buzz November 18, 2011: Historian Douglas Brinkley to Rep. Don Young: ‘I pay your salary’


History Buzz



Source: Politico, 11-18-11

At a Natural Resources Committee hearing Friday on oil drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, Rep. Don Young (R-Alaska) mistakenly addressed the professor as “Dr. Rice” while calling his testimony “garbage.”

Brinkley interrupted, saying: “It’s Dr. Brinkley, Rice is a university,” and “I know you went to Yuba [Community College in California] and couldn’t graduate — ”

Then it was Young’s turn to interrupt. “I’ll call you anything I want to call you when you sit in that chair,” he told the witness. “You just be quiet.”

Brinkley countered: “You don’t own me. I pay your salary. I work for the private sector and you work for the taxpayer.”… READ MORE

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