Patricia A. Kennedy: Accessible Document, U.S. Constitution designed to be read by all


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Source: The Reporter, 7-19-11

As a former history professor who has recently moved to Vacaville, I took the opportunity to attend the Tea Party seminar on the Constitution. I have taught American history and world civilizations in college classes for 30 years. I also have taught the history of the Constitution (all of it) and its significance in our lives. I wanted to see what was said, and I enjoy listening to other people carry on this great debate that is dividing our country. I was happy to see the turnout of people at the meeting.Several of Jack Batson’s remarks about this seminar were troubling (“Where’s Rest of Story? Constitution class takes too-limited view,” July 9), including his comment that the seminar was led by “35 red-shirted patriots.” Not only is that inaccurate, but it is irrelevant.

He was also upset that the class was led by a volunteer building contractor from Phoenix who travels around the United States holding these seminars. Since the authors and founders of our Constitution were themselves merchants, lawyers, contractors and shipbuilders, to name a few of their varied professions, I don’t see this as a problem. To me, that is one of the strengths of our Constitution: Anyone who really wants to understand it — and is willing to take the time to do so — can. It is not thousands of pages of legal terms still to be defined, as some of our current laws are. As different as our lives are today, we can still understand how the Constitution can be interpreted to answer the changing times….READ MORE

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