History Buzz February 4, 2013: Skeleton found under parking lot confirmed as England’s King of Richard III


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Skeleton of England’s Richard III found under parking lot

Source: USA Today, 2-4-13

Modern views of the medieval king have been heavily influenced by Shakespeare’s portrayal in the play Richard III

king richard

A painting of Britain’s King Richard III by an unknown artist is displayed in the National Portrait Gallery in London.(Photo: Leon Neal, AFP/Getty)

Story Highlights

  • Skeleton was buried under a parking lot
  • Richard III was England’s last Plantagenet king
  • Remains will be reburied in Leicester Cathedral

It took five centuries but the mystery over what happened to the remains of England’s last Plantagenet king, Richard III, is finally solved after scientists at the University of Leicester confirmed a skeleton buried under a city parking lot is Shakespeare’s much maligned king.

Monday’s announcement brings to a close the long-debated question of what followed the killing of Richard III on the battlefield 528 years ago. Further tests on the skeleton that suggest that accounts of his withered arm are inaccurate may help to restore his reputation, historians say.

“This is a historic moment and the history books will be rewritten,” said Philippa Langley, originator of the search and a member of the Richard III Society. “We have searched for Richard and found him – now it is now time to honor him.”

The remains will be reburied in Leicester Cathedral….READ MORE

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