Full Text Campaign Buzz July 17, 2012: Sen. Rob Portman’s Interview on Fox & Friends for Romney Campaign: President Obama Doesn’t Understand How Our Economy Works




Sen. Rob Portman: President Obama Doesn’t Understand How Our Economy Works

Source: Mitt Romney, 7-17-12

“We need a President who, first, gets it, understands that the private sector is what creates jobs and not government.” – Sen. Rob Portman 

Fox and Friends
Fox News

July 17, 2012

Click Here To Watch To Sen. Rob Portman Discuss President Obama’s Misunderstanding of How Small Business Works

SEN. ROB PORTMAN: “Well, it’s no wonder that the President says ‘the private sector is doing fine’ and all we need to do is send more money from the taxpayers back to the states so the states can hire more public employees. That’s his answer to the economy. And, again, I think it shows that he doesn’t get it. He doesn’t understand how our economy works. With all due respect to Steve Jobs and all those other folks who make huge successes, there are also millions of Americans out there every day who work very hard in very small businesses just to kind of keep it afloat, to be able to meet payroll. And those folks feel like they’ve built it themselves, believe me. And, so, that’s my concern is that what this President is doing in terms of policies and has done for three and a half years—which is more regulations, higher taxes, more borrowing, more spending—policies that make it harder to create a job through his health care policies, his energy policies. This is the reason we’re falling behind and the reason that we have unemployment at levels we haven’t seen since the Great Depression. And the reason we’re not seeing the kind of economic growth that all of us hoped for. So, we need a change. We need a President who, first, gets it, understands that the private sector is what creates jobs and not government.”

Political Headlines June 16, 2012: GOP Weekly Address: Gov. Scott Walker Wants US ‘Fiscal House on Track’ — Job Creation in the Private Sector




GOP Address: Gov. Scott Walker Wants US ‘Fiscal House on Track’

Source: ABC News Radio, 6-16-12

Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

In this week’s Republican address, Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, fresh off of his recent victory over the effort to recall him as governor, calls for Washington lawmakers to get America’s “fiscal house on track and … our economy back in order.”

Walker says that while “Republicans define success … by how many people we can free from government dependence by growing the private sector,” to him, “the President and many of his allies seem to measure success by how many people are dependent on government programs.”

“Those policies have failed,” he adds.

But Walker says that doesn’t mean people should be thrown off of unemployment.  Instead, he says, created jobs for people in the private sector will free people from government dependence….READ MORE

Campaign Buzz June 8, 2012: President Barack Obama Press Conference Backlash: Mitt Romney, GOP Jump on Obama’s Statement that the Private Sector is Doing Fine — Shows He is Really Out of Touch — Obama Backtracks



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Romney: Obama’s ‘Private Sector’ Comment Will Go Down in History: Mitt Romney wasted no time Friday seizing on remarks by President Obama in which he said that the “the private sector is doing fine,” saying that the remark will “go down in history” as an “extraordinary miscalculation.”
“[Obama] said a number of things and one of the most interesting things he said was this,” said Romney, standing in a park in Western Iowa. “He said the private sector is doing fine.”
“He said the private sector is doing fine,” Romney repeated, slower, putting an emphasis on every word of the phrase. “Is he really that out of touch? I think he’s defining what it means to be detached and out of touch with the American people.”
“Has there ever been an American president who is so far from reality as to believe in an America where 23 million Americans are out of work or have stopped for work, or can only find part time jobs, and need full time jobs, where the economy grew in the first quarter of the year at only 1.9 percent?” said Romney.
“For the President of the United States to stand up and say the private sector is doing fine is going to go down in history as an extraordinary miscalculation and misunderstanding by a president who’s out of touch,” said Romney. “And we’re gonna take back this country and get America working again.”…. – ABC News Radio, 6-8-12

  • Romney: Is Obama “really that out of touch?”: Mitt Romney jumped Friday on President Obama’s statement that “the private sector is doing fine,” calling the comment an “extraordinary miscalculation and misunderstanding by a President who is out of touch…. – CBS News, 6-8-12
  • Obama backtracks on comments that private sector is doing “fine”: Just hours after President Obama said the “the private sector is doing fine” and Republican challenger Mitt Romney criticized him for being “out of touch,” the president insisted that more work needs to be done to jump-start the economy…. – CBS News, 6-8-12
  • Obama gets grief for saying private sector ‘fine’: President Barack Obama made Mitt Romney’s day by declaring “the private sector is doing fine” and opening himself to the accusation that he — not the rich Republican — is the one who is out of touch…. – AP, 6-8-12
  • Obama Dials Back Optimism After Romney Criticism: President Barack Obama sought to contain political damage by clarifying optimistic comments about the state of the US private sector, saying it is “absolutely clear that the economy is not doing fine.”… – BusinessWeek, 6-8-12
  • Obama walks back remark about private sector ‘doing fine’: President Obama this afternoon tried to clarify earlier remarks about the state of the economy that set off a round of criticism from Republicans, including the party’s presidential nominee, Mitt Romney. Obama told reporters that he didn’t mean to … LAT, 6-8-12
  • ‘Private sector is doing fine’? Obama retracts as GOP mocks: President Obama’s remark that the sagging economy is due to cuts in public-sector jobs riled Republicans in Congress, who pledge to extend the Bush tax cuts and repeal health-care reform…. – CS Monitor, 6-8-12
  • Obama seeks to clarify private sector remarks, says it’s ‘absolutely clear economy not fine’: President Barack Obama, seeking to clarify comments about the strength of the US economy, said later Friday it is “absolutely clear” that the US economy is “not doing fine.” Obama spoke hours after saying in a White House news conference…. – WaPo, 6-8-12
  • Romney: Obama comments on economy will ‘go down in history as an extraordinary miscalculation: President Barack Obama declared Friday that “the private sector is doing fine,” drawing instant criticism from Republicans who said it showed a lack of understanding of the nation’s economic woes. GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney…. – WaPo, 6-8-12
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