Full Text Campaign Buzz September 25, 2012: Mitt Romney’s Remarks at an Appearance on CNN’s Situation Room — My Campaign Is About Getting The Economy Going




Mitt Romney: My Campaign Is About Getting The Economy Going

Source: Mitt Romney Press, 9-25-12

Situation Room
September 25, 2012

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MITT ROMNEY: “I’m overwhelmingly committed to helping every American. That’s what this campaign is about. From the very beginning of my campaign I’ve spoken about the need to help get people out of poverty, the need to get the 23 million people that don’t have good jobs, struggling to find work, to help those people get good jobs. My whole campaign is about getting the economy going. People at the top are doing fine. They’ll probably do fine whether Barack Obama were reelected or not. It’s the people in the middle and at the bottom that are struggling in the Obama economy. That’s why I’m running, is to help them.”

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