Celebration for 175 years of Texas independence

Source: AP, 2-27-11

The ferry crossing settlement along a trail used for generations by Native Americans and later by Spanish explorers had a single defined street and a dozen shacks and cabins when about five dozen men rode into town to make history.

Their national political convention on the banks of the Brazos River in southeast Texas was in an unfinished hall owned by a gunsmith promised $170 for the rent.

The gunsmith never was paid.

What came out of the discussions over a few days 175 years ago this coming week was the Texas Declaration of Independence, a handwritten document proclaiming Texas was freeing itself from its oppressive ruling government in Mexico. The declaration was modeled after the American Declaration of Independence authored 60 years earlier by Thomas Jefferson.

No other U.S. state has such a distinction.

“The independent spirit that reigned on the Texas frontier during the era of the Texas Revolution can still be seen today throughout the state,” said Light Cummins, an Austin College history professor and the Texas state historian. “Texans today pride themselves on being independent, hard-working, innovative and no-nonsense people, all of which is reflected in our view of those who participated in the Texas Revolution.

“Perhaps for that reason, many Texans believe that this state is different from any other in the nation in terms of its history and its heritage.”

More than 1,100 descendants of the declaration signers replied to invitations and said they’d be at Washington on the Brazos State Park this weekend to take part in activities celebrating the 175th anniversary of Texas’ declaration….READ MORE

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