History Musings is a news blog focusing on American politics, the Obama Presidency & the 113th Congress from a non-partisan perspective, and the relation of history and politics in the news; and how currents events are analyzed by historians.

History Musings also covers history related news, focuses primarily on American history, but also cover news on European, British, Canadian & Jewish history as well. History Musings  features history book reviews, book news, op-eds, and major news stories about history and the historical profession.

History Musings is an independent platform looking at US politics across the political spectrum, but primarily maintains a non-partisan, centrist position.

The site features some of the popular news column editor Bonnie K. Goodman originally created  on HNN including the signature “Political Highlights,” “History Buzz,” “On This Day in History,” and the profile series “Top Newsmakers.”

Editor & Founder: Bonnie K. Goodman, BA, MLIS

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  1. Hi! I work with the author of a recent book showcasing the nation’s letters to Jackie Kennedy after JFK’s death – some previously unpublished. I’d love to talk with you further or send you a copy of Dear Mrs. Kennedy. Send me an email and we can connect!

    Thanks –



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