Campaign Buzz August 29, 2012: 2012 Republican National Convention Day 2 Roundup






Source: Mitt Romney Press, 8-29-12

“Rock-Star Welcomes” …. “Absolutely Sensational” … “Wows The Crowd” … “Deafening Applause”

NBC News: “Ryan, Former Secretary Of State Condoleezza Rice And New Mexico Gov. Susana Martinez Received Rock-Star Welcomes…” “Ryan, former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and New Mexico Gov. Susana Martinez received rock-star welcomes from delegates here in Tampa in speeches extolling nominee-in-waiting Mitt Romney and the virtues of leadership.” (NBC News, 8/30/12)

CNN’s Wolf Blitzer: “Dealt With The Most Important Issues Of The Day…” BLITZER: “What I really liked about the Paul Ryan speech tonight is at least it dealt with the most important issues of the day, the substantive economic issues, health care, Medicare. He didn’t skirt those issues.”  (CNN, 8/30/12)

CBS’s Jan Crawford: “A Speech That Appealed To The Brain And The Heart.” CRAWFORD: “What was most interesting about it was this is a speech – and it was a speech that appealed to the brain and the heart. And it had one message to President Obama: bring it on.” (CBS, 8/30/12)

Fox News’ Steve Doocy: “Putting The American Dream Into Perspective…” DOOCY: And Condoleezza Rice putting the American dream into perspective by sharing her own story growing up in Birmingham.” (Fox, 8/30/12)

National Journal’s Major Garrett: “The Reaction On The Floor Was Absolutely Sensational. … A Breakout Star….” GARRETT: “Another big star last night was Susana Martinez. The reaction on the floor was absolutely sensational. Not too many people have seen her before or heard her before – the new Governor of New Mexico. I think she was a breakout star last night.” (CBS, 8/30/12)

Time’s Mark Halperin: “Ryan’s Speech, In Tone, Style, And Substance, Reflects Exactly Why Mitt Romney Picked Him.” “Ryan’s speech, in tone, style, and substance, reflects exactly why Mitt Romney picked him. … Until Wednesday night, Democrats did not seem too worried about what was coming out of Tampa; now, there is manifest concern.” (Time, 8/30/12)

Politico: “Paul Ryan Brought Delegates To Their Feet Here Over And Over Again…” “Wisconsin Rep. Paul Ryan brought delegates to their feet here over and over again Wednesday night, telling the Republican National Convention in a dozen different ways: Obama isn’t working.” (Politico, 8/29/12)

The Wall Street Journal: “The GOP’s Sharpest Cases Yet Against A Second Term For President Barack Obama…” “Rep. Paul Ryan took the national political stage Wednesday as the Republican Party’s vice presidential candidate, giving a televised speech that laid out one of the GOP’s sharpest cases yet against a second term for President Barack Obama, and for Republicans as the party of small government.” (The Wall Street Journal, 8/30/12)

The Hill: “Electrified The Republican Party…” “Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) on Wednesday night electrified the Republican Party with a speech that combined lacerating attacks on President Obama with homespun values and a tribute to GOP candidate Mitt Romney.” (The Hill, 8/29/12)

The Washington Post: “Condoleeza Rice Brings Down The House” (The Washington Post, 8/29/12)

Politico: “Condoleezza Rice Wows The Crowd” (Politico, 8/29/12)

Univision’s Jordan Fabian: “Martinez Hit It Out Of The Park.” “Martinez hit it out of the park. She gets the tone & can truly empathize and relate with Latino community…” (, 8/29/12)

The Wall Street Journal’s Neil King: “Gov. Martinez Makes The Case For Hispanics Switching Over To The Republican Party.” (, 8/29/12)

Tampa Bay Times: “Deafening Applause…” “Republican vice presidential nominee Paul Ryan was greeted with deafening applause and hailed as the face of a new GOP on Wednesday night as he tore into President Barack Obama’s policies, casting him as a failure on the economy who is unwilling to make dramatic change.” (Tampa Bay Times, 8/30/12)

The Washington Examiner’s Byron York: “Ryan Got It All Done.” “Ryan’s 36-minute address did everything he needed to do: offer a devastating indictment of President Obama’s economic record, with a few memorable barbs about the president’s legendary self-importance; offer enough personal background so that viewers feel they know a little about Ryan; and most of all, convince voters that he and Mitt Romney will devote all their energy to jobs, the economy, and debt. Ryan got it all done.” (The Washington Examiner, 8/30/12)

The New York Times: “Brought The Crowd To Its Feet Several Times…” “But two hours later, Condoleezza Rice, national security adviser and secretary of state under President George W. Bush, brought the crowd to its feet several times in a rare foray into electoral politics, even reprising Republican accusations that Mr. Obama has failed to project American strength, saying, ‘We cannot be reluctant to lead — and one cannot lead from behind.’” (The New York Times, 8/30/12)

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: “A Self-Styled Happy Warrior, Earnest And Eager…” “What they saw was a self-styled happy warrior, earnest and eager to persuade the voting public that the answer to the nation’s economic woes is a Romney-Ryan partnership of freedom-loving, can-do problem-solvers.” (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 8/29/12)

Minneapolis Star-Tribune: “A Feisty Tim Pawlenty…” “In his most high-profile speech before a nationwide audience, a feisty Tim Pawlenty told thousands of cheering Republicans on Wednesday they were celebrating at ‘Barack Obama’s retirement party.’” (Minneapolis Star-Tribune, 8/29/12)

The Wall Street Journal: “A Defense Of American Exceptionalism…” “Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R., Ky.) offered a defense of American exceptionalism with the first speech Wednesday night at the Republican National Convention.” (The Wall Street Journal, 8/29/12)

The Washington Post’s Chris Cillizza: “In Listening To Martinez, She Struck Us As The Female Equivalent Of New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie – Very Comfortable In Her Own Skin.” (The Washington Post, 8/29/12)

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